Earthlings and Aliens Have ‘Galactic Federation’ on Mars, Scientist Says

Probe on its way to Mars, the planet where the Galactic Federation base would be (photo: Nasa/Disclosure) An alliance formed by a galactic federation of extraterrestrials and Earthlings from the United States and Israel, based on Mars, was described this Monday (7/12) in a revealing tone by one of the most renowned Israeli scientists today.

In an interview with the newspaper “The Jerusalem Post”, Haim Eshed, 87, says that there is an agreement for cooperation between peoples and that the announcement of this secret has not yet taken place because “the people of the Earth are not yet ready”. The Israeli’s revelations drew controversial reactions, with his story resonating in serious media outlets, as he is one of the most respected names in Israel’s academia, but also circulates with suspicion and humor in internet memes (see below).

Haim Eshed retired in 2010 from the defense ministry after 30 years of service. He is regarded as the father of the Israeli satellite program, with more than 20 pieces of equipment having been launched into orbit under his tutelage, including high-tech spy-type ones that bring important images, mainly of Iranian activities.

In the interview he brings reports of the relationships between earthlings and aliens. Within the space agreement would be the sharing of a secret underground base on the planet Mars, more than 57 million kilometers from Earth. In this scientific-military complex, meetings of representatives of the USA, Israel and extraterrestrials would take place.
US Navy fighter radar finds unidentified flying object in 2020 (photo: US Defense Department)

US Navy fighter radar finds unidentified flying object in 2020 (photo: US Defense Department)

The ex-commander claims that President Donald Trump was about to reveal to the world the existence of this extra-terrestrial alliance, but he would have been prevented by aliens, who believe that earthlings are not yet ready to deal with such news, with an imminent risk of death. hysteria.

Eshed said that he thought it was time to reveal this secret as he considered that he had reached a level of respect within academic society that would allow him to bring out such secrets without being considered crazy, considering that there is also a moment of academic openness for this.

“If I had told what I know about this 5 years ago, I would have been hospitalized (like crazy). Anywhere I went in the gym would call me crazy,” he told the Jerusalem newspaper. “I have nothing left to lose. I have my diplomas and awards. I am respected in foreign universities where many concepts are changing,” he said, justifying the timing of his revelation.

The scientist has just published a book that, in free translation, would be entitled “The Universe Beyond the Horizon: Conversations with Professor Haim Eshed”. In the work, the critic points out that Eshed about unidentified flying objects and various theories about the nature of these ships, purposes and origins, which in his opinion would not be earthly.
Doctor Haim Eshed is one of Israel's most renowned scientists (photo:

Doctor Haim Eshed is one of Israel’s most renowned scientists (photo:

Haim Eshed served in Israel’s security forces from 1981 to 2010, winning the Israeli Security Award three times, twice for classified technology inventions. He is an electronics engineer, a master in performance research and a PhD in aeronautical engineering.

None of the cited governments or personalities made statements about the interview, either to deny or confirm the existence of an alliance with the galactic federation.

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