Girl claims to be an alien trapped in a human body

His physiognomy, totally modified by tattoos, cuts and piercings, causes all kinds of reactions and brought him fame on social networks.

However, nothing draws more attention than her assertive words: she says she doesn’t belong on this planet. Her body is a true artistic intervention, probably the result of a never-ending quest.

It’s just that Grace Neutral (even her last name was changed) struggles every day to find a reality that doesn’t correspond to this world. The 25-year-old from London, also affectionately dubbed the “alien princess”, doesn’t hesitate to claim that her soul belongs to the stars. This is manifested in one of the most extreme interventions she has made on her body, when she applied paint to her eyes, between the sclera and the conjunctiva, in a definitive way, to achieve a supernatural aspect on her face that is really impressive.
Girl claims to be an alien trapped in human body - 1

However, his eyes are still not as surprising as the scarifications (a technique that consists of producing scars on the body) on his skin, such as those on his cheek, in the shape of the moon, his ear, which became pointy, like those of the mythical elves, and of their tongue, which after an operation was forked. Tattoos, nowadays, are a detail (very large), which covers his body almost completely. And they are very familiar to him, much more than this planet, because Grace is a tattoo artist and her art is a pendulum between the childish and the obscure, between daggers and little Disney mermaids.

Other of the various surgical interventions she underwent eliminated her belly button, a universal birthmark. In fact, according to her body, she was never born: she is an ethereal, magical being. But, on the whole, all this is still a cult of the body, the most mundane and earthly that a human being can be. See the girl’s Instagram here .

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