Former KGB Colonel General Reveals: “We were all sold to aliens by our own rulers”

Former  Russian Air Force Colonel General Scriabin  made a very shocking statement in his interview with the  Czech newspaper Lidové Noviny  . On July 28, that interview was taken down entirely from the newspaper’s website, and all third-party resources that managed to publish it also removed it.

A possible alien colonization?

The interview with former Colonel Scriabin

Alexander Semenovich, you are known not only as an experienced military commander of the USSR and Russia, who fully devoted himself to the service of Russia, but also as a good analyst, and perhaps even a little scientist. What are your predictions for the near future for Russia and Europe? The world seems to have gone a little crazy.

– Yeah, and he really lost his mind. I’m 73 years old and I’ve seen a lot. I can’t keep quiet anymore, I can’t sleep peacefully, I can’t walk in the streets and see young people walking lazy, who have no idea what is really happening in the country and in the world. I’m sick of watching TV, reading newspapers. There are lies everywhere. This hurts terribly for the younger generation, so much so that my heart is about to stop.

Nobody knows the truth. The world is discussing the elections in the United States, the conflicts in Turkey and other countries, in Russia they are not even discussing their own elections, in general, everyone is worried about where to go for the cheapest vacation. But these elections are the last for everyone. For everyone, I repeat. There will no longer be a world like the one we see with you this summer. Everything will change dramatically soon.

For many decades, people were carried by the nose. You all live in a different reality. Humanity is on the verge of death. We watched impressive films about aliens, the attack on the planet, the colonization of people, we left theaters and continued living. But they saw it for a reason. Everything is true! I recently saw a movie about an alien attack and was amazed at how accurately the director showed the truth, and you are watching a fairy tale. First, the military knows that aliens are not fiction, but a cruel and sad reality. All of them sign papers on non-disclosure of information. Who do you think controls the entire defense service? The US is the same pawns. I remember when I came across this, I found out,

When they told us that next month we would train at the base and that they would be there. We were instructed, prepared for the encounter. We signed papers on non-disclosure of state secrets. And then we were told, boys in uniform, that only after 20 years would information about them begin to leak out to society, that they would take care of the population and cook. Movies, newspaper reports… Then there will be those who start researching the subject and publish the information on their own. Everything was done as planned.

Now I can only say how unpleasant it was to see them. All these years I’ve felt like an empty place on my own planet, and they own it here. The presidents of the countries perform all the tasks for them. And the main thing is that they comply with the agreements. They were distributed a long time ago as recycled material. Those who stay will just be a work force for them.

And how long ago did this all start?

In the days of the Soviet Union, a top-secret military unit #10003 operated on the General Staff, dealing with psi warfare issues. It was supervised by the Prime Minister of the USSR, Valentin Pavlov, and led by Lieutenant General Alexei Savin. They were military mediums. What tasks were not set before this part! In June 1991, the authorities gave the order to fly to Uzbekistan to receive the foreigners. And we’ve had requests like this for many years, going back to the 1970s. Sometimes these stories were published in the media. People were laughing and we were depressed. It’s a shame for the state.

There was also a colonel, Ivan Pavlovich Nazarenko, chairman of the scientific and technical committee of the USSR air defense forces. He used to organize his arrivals on the territory of the USSR. So that no one sees or notices. A favorite place was Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and these regions.

And did you see how presidents communicated with them?

Yes, I personally saw Gorbachev meet with them several times, and once Yeltsin.

And what are they really like in movies where they kidnap people and then people don’t remember it?

Right. I mean, we were all sold out by our own rulers. It has always been the norm how many people can be kidnapped for their own ends. And his goals, though he was hidden even from us, but he knew: cruel. They slaughtered like meat and continue to slaughter people. They experiment, they mock. They also invented the cult of Satanism, in fact, Satanists are servants of aliens who feed mainly on cattle and people, sometimes – only on the energy of death, that is, the souls of victims.

Tell us in the comments what you think of this interview with Former Colonel General Scriabin,  do you think everything he says is real? Did our rulers really sell us out to the aliens? . Let us know your opinion.

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