Former CIA Agent Claims: Aliens Have Abducted About “One Million People”

Last month, alien hunter Derrel Sims shared some interesting information about his activities with UAMN TV YouTube channel subscribers.  A former CIA employee is not just a ufologist, but a person who is investigating alien abductions. Man warns that extraterrestrials  are “Not Our Friends” they are cruel and evil  creatures  .

If a person does not experience negative emotions after abduction then he succumbs to the influence of a special alien program. As a rule these personalities begin to positively report various not very good things inspired by aliens.

For example, according to Sims, kidnapped people often talk about the “friendly climate” of the “green men”, even though they have performed some surgical operations on them.
For those who didn’t succumb to the suggestion, the humanoids simply erase their memory. A former CIA employee has personally received more than 2,000 abduction cases. But man is sure that there are actually about a million of them.

According to Derrell, one woman had a scar from her chest to her umbilical cord but still doesn’t remember anything about it. And there are many cases where people wake up with incomprehensible scars.
In total, there are 7 types of aliens. Sims personally deal with ash and reptiles that are very similar to people. Some species were created on Earth based on human DNA says Derrel Sims.

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