Video shows USAF is silently testing alien technology

A new video was recently leaked all over the internet. Which shows UFO hunters looking at Nellis Air Force Base and their attempt to test what appears to be alien technology.

This is not the first time this has been discovered here at Nellis Air Force Base. As UFO hunters have long suspected this base.

UFO Hunter Steven Barrone himself uploaded the following video showing what we mentioned above. How the USAF seems to have always had access to alien technology. Since they are openly testing it in front of everyone to see.

The video was made a month ago. It seems to show the fact that the USAF is testing their UFOs. And the night vision technology they just discovered around the base.

The video itself does not appear to have been interfered with. As the vast majority of UFO enthusiasts believe this is real and unedited, to say the least.

Nellis Air Force Base is huge, to say the least. As it has over 5,000 miles of isolated desert land for them to test out their new technology without fearing any prying eyes.

Some believe the US military is actually in cahoots with the Tall Whites. That they have a contract with them since half a century ago, which is why they always try to reject any theoretical belief in these aliens.

The existence of the Tall Whites reported by Charles Hall. A former USAF pilot and nuclear physicist who risked his entire career in the 1960s to report his sightings.

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