She claims to be a hybrid between ALIEN and HUMAN and these are her proofs

The world is full of mysteries. Some claim that, inside it, walk among us creatures that are totally foreign to our planet, aliens that could mix with us.

Let’s see this video in which a young woman claims to be a hybrid between alien and human:


Many of the ancient cultures speak of the gods of the sky.
The gods came from the heavens and created humanity.”
There are hundreds of creation texts around the world, and all ancient cultures speak of the star gods who came to this planet and seeded life in the distant past.
Help us to develop in a civilized way.
We have to keep in mind that alien genetic engineering offers a solution to the very abrupt change in human DNA and offers an explanation for the sudden appearance of Homo sapiens.
Could aliens manipulate and improve existing species on planet Earth? 
Early life forms like Neanderthals, Homo Erectus and Cro-Magnon can be considered extraterrestrial genetic experiments.
According to ancient texts such as the Bible, the Earth was inhabited in the past by many different species, including the Nephilim.
These sacred texts, myths and legends can be interpreted as the alien gods who repeatedly tried to create intelligent beings.
The alien gods created

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