DNA Discoverer Says Our Genes Were Brought by Extraterrestrials

Francis Crick (8 June 1916 – 28 July 2004) was a British molecular biologist, biophysicist and neuroscientist, co-discoverer of the structure of the DNA molecule in 1953

Along with James Watson and Maurice Wilkins, Crick received the Nobel Prize in Physiology of Medicine in 1962, “for his discovery concerning the molecular structure of nucleic acids and their significance for the transfer of information in living material”.

Clearly he was a brilliant scientist who, like many other brilliant minds who came up with theories that challenged the  status quo  at the time, was not given much ‘press time’.

In his book ‘ Life Itself ‘, published in 1982, he argues that it is not possible for a DNA molecule to have its beginnings here on Earth, and that it would have to have come from somewhere else. Within the mainstream scientific community, the generally accepted theory is that we are the result of a group of molecules accidentally bumping into each other, thus creating life. However, according to Crick, we are the result of what is known as Direct Panspermia. Crick, along with British chemist Leslie Orgel, published their work in July 1973.

His theory explains:

The organisms were deliberately transmitted to Earth by intelligent beings from another planet. We conclude that it is possible that life reached Earth in this way, but that scientific evidence is inadequate at the present time to say anything about this possibility. We call attention to the types of evidence that could shed light on this topic.” ( Source )

As for what Crick thinks about the theory that we are the result of an accident of molecules, he says this is as likely as the chance assembly of a jumbo plane when a hurricane hits a junkyard. In other words, he thought the theory lacked any credibility.

When it comes to Crick’s theory, some have expanded on their work and actually found evidence. Maybe Crick had some evidence. After all, theories like this don’t come out of nowhere and he won a Nobel Prize for the study of DNA. Thoughts like this should not be ignored and the evidence should be examined to see the plausibility of the hypothesis.

Keep in mind as you read this article that while we’ve already discovered a lot, we still have to identify the biological functions of large portions of our DNA. There is much mystery wrapped up in what could hold the answer to life itself and the origins of the human race.

A few years ago, Chandra Wickramashinghe, Director of the Buckingham Center for Astrobiology at the University of Buckingham, UK, published a paper on his findings of the first evidence of extraterrestrial life found on a celestial body.

At the time, Wickramasinghe told the  Huffington Post  how, in 1962, he made the discovery:

Hoyle and I pioneered the carbon grain theory in space, which replaces the old ice grain theory. This was vehemently resisted by the astronomical community at first, but with the birth of infrared spectrography, the ice grain theory was replaced by the carbon dust theory. Over the course of a few years, after much study of models, we came to the conclusion that biomaterial-like materials fit all available data in astronomy. We considered the possibility that microbiology was universal in character, and no observations in astronomy or new information in biology had provided evidence to the contrary. If support is given only to ideas considered orthodox, through funding or publication opportunities, it is certain that the progress of science will be impeded,

The English astronomer Sir Fred Hoyle and Wickramasinghe are considered co-developers of the panspermia theory. In another work that Wickramasinghe co-authored in 2012, titled “ Non-terrestrial origin of life: a transformative research paradigm shift ,” he says :

For nearly five decades, evidence has been accumulating in favor of a non-terrestrial origin of life and panspermia, which has not been properly evaluated. Now, a point has been reached, which demands serious attention from biologists, for a possibly transformative paradigm shift in the question of the origin of life, with profound implications for many disciplines.” ( Source )

Interesting to think about, isn’t it? As writer Graham Hancock said, “We really are an amnesiac species. We still don’t fully know where we came from, or how we got here.”

And what about the fact that we’re probably not alone and that we’re probably being visited?

There is a serious possibility that we are being visited and have been visited for many years by people from space, from other civilizations. That it is up to us, should some of these peoples in the future or now be hostile, find out who they are, where they come from, and what they want. This should be the subject of rigorous scientific investigation and not the subject of tabloid ‘bullshit’” (Source)

The above quote comes from Lord Admiral Hill-Norton, former Chief of Defense Staff and 5 Star Admiral of the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom. This is the highest possible rank in the British Navy, a rank similar to that of General Dwight Eisenhower in the United States. Hill-Norton was also Director of the NATO Military Committee. These are definitely positions in the ‘know position’ about what is going on, at least to a certain degree.

In case you weren’t aware, there are hundreds of witnesses with impressive CVs who have been in a ‘position to know’ about these things.

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