Whistleblower Phil Schneider Found Dead After Revealing The Alien Agenda

Phil Schneider a geologist and government engineer with over 17 years of experience working on “black projects” is arguably one of the most important whistleblowers in modern history.

In September 1995, Mr. Schneider gave a presentation at the Preparedness Expo in which he exposed the New World Order Agenda and how it connects with extraterrestrials. During this speech he presented physical evidence of alien metals and artifacts along with additional photographs to validate his claims.

Less than six months after giving this performance he was found dead in his apartment with a piano wire wrapped around his neck in what many would classify as a military-style execution.

Phil Schneider

According to people close to the investigation, Mr. Schneider was repeatedly and brutally tortured before he was killed. Despite this, the authorities somehow considered his death a suicide.

Phil kept telling family and friends, “If I ever commit suicide, I’ve been murdered!”

Phil knowing that he was a target and that what he was doing was messing with extremely powerful people and creatures preemptively told everyone that he was a target and that if he mysteriously died or committed suicide he would be murdered.

Before getting to the video this article contains a summary of the information that Mr. Schneider presented at the Expo however you better know some basic facts before getting into the scope of what is happening right under our noses.

Mr. Schneider worked extensively on the construction of deep underground military bases better known as “DUMBS”. He claims that information about aliens is kept well hidden from the public and that the US military has known of the presence of aliens for a period dating back to 1909.

He also claimed that over $500 billion dollars was being allocated every year to black projects dealing with alien affairs. He further claimed that 28% of the US Gross National Product was being spent on building underground bases. This “black budget”, as he referred to it, completely eludes Congress. There is no doubt that these projects still continue to this day.

Please be aware that the following information provided by Mr. Schneider date back to 1995 and have more than likely progressed significantly since then.

1. In 1995, there were 131 active DUMBS in the United States and approximately 1,477 underground bases worldwide. Each base cost an average of 17-19 billion dollars (in 1995) and took 1-2 years to build using highly advanced construction methods that included vitrification and rock melting using lasers that reduced the rock to powder. and then they smoothed the tunnels using drilling machines. Mr. Schneider further stated that these bases are huge and house thousands and thousands of people.

2. The magneto-levaton trains connect all DUMB bases in the United States into a massive transportation system capable of speeds of MACH 2 or greater. He claims that there is a whole other world down there, full of human and alien life forms.

3. Area 51 is actually a complex made up of 9 deep underground bases and there are over 18,000 workers whose lives are highly regulated and entirely veiled in secrecy.

4. The US government signed an agreement in 1954 with extraterrestrials granting them permission to experiment on humans and livestock in exchange for technology. This agreement, known as the Treaty of Grenada, is a well-documented event.

The original terms of this agreement stated that only a small number of humans could be abducted, they were to be returned to the place where they were found, and their memory of the event was to be erased. The aliens were also supposed to provide a list of the humans they were taking to Majestic-12. However, it became clear after a few years that the aliens were taking far more humans than originally agreed.

5. Mr. Schneider claims that there are 11 distinct alien races on Earth. Two of these species are benevolent.

6. “The New World Order and the extraterrestrial agenda are one and the same.” Mr. Schneider describes the alien agenda as “the complete conquest of this planet, killing off 5/6 to 7/8 of the world’s population by 2029.” Obviously, an alien takeover would mean that a world government would be put in place and would in all likelihood be the end of freedom as we know it.

7. At least 9 races of alien beings see humans as a food source. Not all are cannibals. Instead they use secretions from the glands of humans and animals for the vitamin mixtures in their food and some alien races can get high on adrenaline.

8. Sixteen days before making the presentation, Mr. Schneider was shot in the shoulder by an FBI agent who wanted to kill him. Mr. Schneider shot and killed the agent in self-defense. Furthermore, he reported the incident to the FBI who let him go and the entire incident. He claims 11 previous attempts have been made on his life since he started talking. He also claims that DIA agents tried to kidnap his daughter but were unsuccessful due to his ex-wife’s heroic actions.

Here in the video below is Phil Schneider explaining his experiences in one of his last lectures before he was murdered.

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