Were the Gray ETs bio-machines designed to travel to other planets?

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The late retired US Army officer Philip J. Corso and writer William J. Birnes collaborated in 1997 to publish a book that claims to reveal the many mysterious secrets that took place during the infamous events of  Roswell  in 1947.
Were the Gray ETs bio-machines designed to travel to other planets?

What a supposed ET Gray looks like.

The book “ The Day After Roswell ” was an instant hit among UFO researchers and conspiracy theorists alike.

In the book, Corso revealed that he had been one of the officers in charge of the department assigned to study the UFO that crashed in Roswell in 1947.

Philip revealed that many technological advances and discoveries that emerged in the following decades, such as the bulletproof Kevlar collection, night vision devices, fiber optics, transistors and the integrated circuit chip were actually a direct result of what scientists found. inside the alien spaceship. He knows this because it was his job to transfer alien technology to American companies.

Co-authors of ‘The Day After Roswell’,  Colonel Philip Corso  and Bill Birnes.

In Philip’s book, there are so many fantastic revelations about aliens that even ufologists consider them partially fictional or greatly exaggerated.

Coincidentally, Philip mysteriously died of an unexpected heart attack a few months after the release of his book. Conspiracy theorists believe he was, in fact, permanently silenced by the authorities for publicly revealing many of the government’s secrets.

Philip Corso had no history of mental illness or any history of self-destructive tendencies. On the contrary, he was a brave and courageous soldier. Furthermore, he also served as an officer of the National Security Council under President Eisenhower.

Phillip was adamantly expressing his opinion that the United States government was purposefully suppressing the truth about UFOs and aliens to profit from their advanced technological discoveries.

In his book, Philip vividly described UFO technology as well as the extraterrestrial bodies the government encountered during the crash.

According to Philip, the  Gray aliens , also known as  Zeta Reticulans , weren’t exactly aliens, but rather bio-machines specially created to work on other planets.

He wrote that he believed he had encountered “real” aliens and that what all eyewitnesses or abductees actually saw only saw “biological machines” with big heads and black eyes.

In an attempt to prove his claim, Philip described what he witnessed during an autopsy. He wrote that the aliens in the crash had no digestive system and that their bodies had been attached to the spacecraft as if the ships controlled them.

Finally, Philip wrote that the autopsy indicated that the extraterrestrial biological objects were humanoid robots specially designed to travel long distances in space and time.

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