TOP SECRET: The Apollo 17 Mission photographed a “Stargate” on the Moon!

Ufologists examined a high resolution photo from the Apollo 17 mission (  AS17/AS17-151-23127  ) showing a strange glowing object on the surface of the Moon. 

The object appears to be a space portal of some sort with a bright blue ring around a darker central part. The object looks like the travel device described in the imaginary television series – Stargate SG-1. The photo was taken from the Apollo Lunar Module observation point. The researchers ask questions: Apollo 17 would have photographed a Stargate on the surface of the Moon and this is not an anomaly captured by the camera.

To the left of the photograph, a small blue dot is visible which ufologists say is the opening of a dimensional portal captured during the Apollo17 mission
The video examines the theoretical basis for passable wormholes and the claims of South American contact persons according to which extraterrestrials use Stargate or dimensional portals called “Xendra”, which serve precisely to transport themselves to great distances through space and time. For example, Sixto Paz Wells claims that in 1974 he passed through an extraterrestrial Xendra which immediately transported him to Ganymede, one of Jupiter’s moons. The Stargate only existed temporarily as a projection of the extraterrestrial ship.

According to ufologists the images taken from the NASA archive would show a fantastic Stargate on the surface of the moon. The image can be seen in detail until you enlarge the photo and add some graphic filters that make it stand out. In fact, this mysterious anomaly could, according to some researchers, have the appearance of a real Star Portal that manifested itself on the lunar surface and the Apollo 17 astronauts had the opportunity to photograph it.

Extraterrestrial civilizations are in possession of Stargate technology

Many extraterrestrial civilizations may have reached very advanced levels of ingenuity compared to humans and it is also likely that some of them may have come down to us and from ancient times. This would mean that these evolved beings are able to warp space-time and manipulate dimensions thanks to dimensional portals. So, we can imagine many ways to interpret an alien civilization and this is the true “crossroads” of a reality that creates many misunderstandings about how different dimensions can actually coexist interconnected with each othe

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