China investigates mysterious cube-shaped object on the Moon. Could it be evidence of alien life?

Would it be this time that we would have real evidence of an artificial artifact on the Moon? Credits: ESA

The Yutu-2 lunar rover, part of the Chang’e 4 mission, took a picture of what appears to be a cube on the surface of the Moon. The image was found on December 3 and presented by journalist Andrew Jones, an expert on the National Space Administration of China. UFO enthusiasts have their fingers crossed, hoping that it is some construction of alien origin.

Upon becoming aware of the discovery, the Chinese agency christened the object on the Moon the “House of Mystery.” And decided to put an end to that mystery by moving the  rover  towards it to find out what it is. The probe was a mere 80m away when the photo was taken, and is expected to spend the next three lunar days getting closer to the object on the Moon in order to clarify what it could be.

But this shift period is longer than it seems: one lunar day is equivalent to 27 days, seven hours and 43 minutes. Operating since 2019, the  rover  is still on its 37th lunar day and has walked about 900m. The “cube”, or whatever the mysterious object on the Moon is, is in Kármán Crater. Although initially it seems that we are facing an artificial artifact, the stakes for it are quite mundane.

In the image, you can see the strange cube in the distance. Soon we will know what it is.
Source: China National Space Administration

“It’s not really much ,” admits Jones:  “It’s a rectangle in a low-resolution image, and it might just be an optical illusion.”  It wouldn’t be the first time: in 2019, the Yutu-2 spacecraft had spotted what appeared to be a “gel-like substance” and turned out to be just rocks. This year, a “fragment” was found and they were also (surprise) stones.

The journalist himself believes that it must be just another rock, although he assumes that this peculiar shape is related to an asteroid impact. A number of amateur and conspiracy astronomers scour images of the Moon for evidence of artificial construction, with some images generating major controversy. Are we facing one of these or is it really just more rocks? We will soon know.

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