Alien Ship, Cryogenic Chambers and the Ruins of Ancient Buildings Found on the Moon

Lunar cities, alien mummies, cryochambers and UFOs – Earth’s natural satellite is filled with many secrets that have attracted ufologists and enthusiasts for decades. Researchers managed to confirm the authenticity of a short film that tells about the secrets of the moon.

Some researchers believe that the Apollo program was not discontinued by US authorities in 1972, but continues to this day. The United States reportedly conducted a series of secret expeditions to Earth’s satellite and found traces of an ancient city, an alien spacecraft, and strange cryogenic chambers there.

Conspiracy theorists believe that the Apollo 20 lunar expedition was dedicated to the study of a cigar-shaped alien craft found on the lunar surface, according to William Rutledge, who allegedly participated in the Apollo expeditions.
Rutledge admitted that his advanced age allows him to finally tell the truth as he has nothing to fear. Thus, according to the astronaut at the time of the penultimate missions, the ruins of the buildings were found on the back of the celestial body.
According to him, the crew found on the far side of the moon traces of strange buildings and a large alien craft hidden under a thick layer of lunar dust in the vicinity of Delport Crater.

NASA believed the spacecraft and ruins had been hidden on the moon for 1.5 million years.
Rutledge added that the Apollo 20 crew had infiltrated the ship’s hull and found remains of alien creatures, as well as cryogenic chambers created by aliens, presumably from long-distance space expeditions.

Rutledge also said that astronauts on the Apollo 20 mission would have managed to get into the spacecraft, where they found the bodies of the aliens. They also found cryochamber-like capsules that were likely used for long interplanetary travel.

The male alien’s body turned into a mummy and the female’s body is perfectly preserved. It was connected to the ship’s systems and covered with an unknown paraffin-like substance. Astronauts were even more surprised when they saw six fingers on a woman’s hands (which, of course, is also found among people)

It is also reported that NASA could presumably obtain some alien technology to use in its space exploration projects.
Apollo is actually Vandenberg

As evidence, Rutledge uploaded a video that was allegedly originally shot on 16mm film. However, the filming caused many doubts: the ruins of the city were not natural, the short film was a clipping of different shots – in black and white, then in color.

And all would be fine, but in the 1990s when the film first began to spread in the United States, a whole group of people appeared who purposely drowned Rutledge and argued vehemently that there was no object on the far side of the Moon, providing photographs such as evidence that some experts thought were also prosecuted.

In the end, expert ufologists decided to examine every fragment of the film to prove its forgery and in a bizarre twist of fate proved its authenticity! Among the edited sections of the 20-minute film they found several frames that turned out to be real – these are footage of the lunar module flying in orbit around the Moon and footage of the lunar surface where a cigar-shaped object is actually visible! In addition, in the astronauts’ conversations with Earth, one more detail slips: the expedition was not called “Apollo”!

Astronauts call the expedition “Vandenberg-20” several times. Perhaps NASA kept the serial numbers of the lunar missions, but changed the names of the craft, because the last expeditions to the moon took place under the auspices of the United States Department of Defense, and NASA was just on the sidelines, which means that we will never see the alien again. As for lunar cities, the hoax about skyscrapers and towers, perhaps, should hide the fact that there really are ruins on the moon, but it remains unclear whether NASA has examined them.

Lunar Cities The American National Livermore Observatory was able to image the lunar surface from the military probe “Clementine” on March 8, 1994. In them, near the Wall of Lovelace, a high-resolution camera captured the ruins of an ancient city – rectangular depressions.

The object is 3.6 km long and the image number is LHD5628R.080. These structures are similar to the ruins of any sufficiently old land city. Another detail: Lovelace Crater is also on the other side of the Moon, but in the northern hemisphere!

American astronomer Franklin Roach admitted that astronauts did indeed see unidentified objects. Astronaut McDivitt in Gemini 4 saw a protruding cylindrical object; Astronaut Bormann also saw a UFO in Gemini 7.
Footage from the Challenger in 1983 showed that the Indian satellite Insat-IB collided with a UFO, after which it ran into trouble. And in 1990, when the space shuttle “Discovery” was launched, astronaut Richards saw a UFO flying alongside the space shuttle. A similar object was filmed during the flight of the Atlantis spacecraft in 1991.
And of course many remember the words of “second man on the moon” Edwin Aldrin, a member of the Apollo 11 mission – “This is not our ship!” which he uttered during the moon landing live stream. It was 1969. From Earth, astronauts were asked where the booster stage of the probe that was supposed to land on the moon’s surface was located. Aldrin looked out the window and was stunned.

He later said that the astronauts saw a large object flying away from the module. It was shaped like a ring and flew in an ellipsoidal trajectory. The second astronaut Collins decided to examine it through a small telescope. “And definitely – not our ship!” It was not a reinforcement stage.
Chief Mission Chief David Becker later admitted that the astronauts reported about the “alien” craft to US President Richard Nixon, who immediately after the astronauts landed was aboard the “Hornet” aircraft carrier. Perhaps it was after that that the US decided at all costs to continue flights to Earth’s satellite and find out the truth.

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