VALIANT THOR: Meet the alien from Venus who worked for the Pentagon

It all starts with a book published by Dr. Frank E. Stranges, titled “A Stranger in the Pentagon”, which in this book reveals the possibility that an Alien landed on Earth on March 16, 1957, around 8 am in a farm field in the city of Alexandria, Virginia.

This mysterious man with human features of 1.85 height, brown eyes, approximate weight of 85 kg and wavy hair, called himself Valiant Thor, the one in charge of maintaining order in the galaxy and requested that he be presented to the then president of the United States. Dwight D. Eisenhower.

The Big Reason Valiant Thor Came to Earth
Once Valiant Thor was taken to the Pentagon, managing to get through security and gain access to the government compound, which they claim he was able to do all this using a sort of mind control, he he was greeted by then-US Secretary of Defense Charles Erwin Wilson. Valiant, having achieved his objective, met with Vice President Richard Nixon and others belonging to the government cabinet, who thereafter led him to meet with President Eisenhower.

According to Valiant, he was one of the main commanders of his planet, sent to Earth, by a High Council that was in charge of the protection and order in the galaxy, with the mission to convey the concern of the galactic community. by the recent and growing nuclear arsenal developed by humans that could lead to nuclear war and, ultimately, the extinction of humanity.

There is evidence, such as photographs of Valiant Thor, in meetings with senior US government officials and none have made the corresponding statements to deny the authenticity of these statements. The alien spent three years on our planet during the so-called Cold War with the aim of mediating between world leaders to avoid confusion and collaborate on security projects for the planet.

But is all that Stranges reveals true?

Stranges, as the author of this shocking book, was a federal agent who was in direct contact with Valiant Thor. His story is considered to be true, as many of the reports have been confirmed by government officials, such as the well-known Harley Bird, whom He is the nephew of Admiral Richard E. Bird, who worked for the Department of Defense at the time of the alien’s appearance, so he would currently be the only one who can confirm such shocking statements.

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