4 Scary Statements From NASA Astronauts About Aliens

Even Stephen Hawking warned about the dangers of coming into contact with aliens, so it’s not strange that stories about extraterrestrials give us the shivers.

These are the most mysterious stories that notable NASA personalities have revealed to the press:

Governments hide extraterrestrial visits

Ed Mitchell, one of NASA’s most recognized and controversial astronauts, said that governments have hidden extraterrestrial visits to Earth and that, in fact, they have participated in military tests, as they are interested in knowing the capability of our weapons.

Mitchell died in 2016 and made it clear that he believed aliens exist and are already on Earth.

The ship that followed them to the moon

During the Apollo 11 mission, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong could see that something was following them during part of their mission to the Moon. The object’s shape was similar to an L and was blue.

After 20 minutes of observing and ruling out various possibilities near the Houston base, Buzz obtained a graph that showed the direction that the parts that were dropped from the craft would take and concluded that it was one of them and not a UFO, but no one eliminated the 20 minutes of fear they passed.

The ship that disappeared from the radar

In a 1970 interview, Donald ‘Deke’ Slayton said that during a test flight for NASA, he was able to visualize a small spacecraft in the sky and then decided to approach it for reconnaissance. After several failed attempts, the craft disappeared from radar and view. He was never able to explain what he saw.

Small fast objects in the flight test

In 1962, during a flight with the X-15 plane/rocket, in order to break the altitude record achieved by any aircraft in history, Major Bob White observed a series of objects the size of his hand at 30 or 40 feet, that seemed to move easily. He could never explain what they were and how they moved.

A few months earlier, Joseph Walker had conducted a test flight with the same rocket and also reported cylindrical and some saucer-shaped objects that surrounded his aircraft for a few seconds and then retreated.

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