Robert Bigelow, NASA partner and aerospace billionaire, breaks his silence on the presence of aliens on Earth

If you’ve lived under a rock all this time, you probably don’t know who billionaire Robert Bigelow is. He is, in simple terms, one of the smartest and wealthiest individuals of our generation.

He is smart enough to see through the lies in front of him and is willing to bet his entire fortune on simple ideas that to most would seem crazy at first.

He left most of the time on record as a believer in  alien life forms  , and despite the fact that many people scoffed at him for it, he clearly never shied away from talking about his heart on camera.

He recently talked about it during an interview with Lara Logan. He stated that Bigelow Aerospace, his company, will be happy to depart for outer space in the near future.

He stated that he believes in aliens with all his heart and that he even believes that there are certain aliens that have infiltrated us so they can keep an eye on us. His mission is to leave this planet so he can go as far away from them as possible.

According to him,  we are just experiments for them; they are testing us and trying to mock us  .

He stated that he will never shut up, that he will bet all his fortune on his ideas, because it was the ideas that gave him that fortune in the first place.

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