Clear footage shows a real UFO with aliens – this is the anti-gravity force field in action (video)

The vast majority of people are not aware of what they are seeing. I’m not sure what alien race we’re up against here, but it could be the grays of the Zeta star systems.

The electric field motor can be seen spinning in this video of the antigravity field in operation.

Gray applied a DC voltage load to the tubular capacitors above the rotating thoracic field as the field rpm approached a certain value.

The faster the take-off, the greater the tension! A brief burst of carrier plasma can be seen during takeoff. The charged plasma ionized air is trapped in an antigravity force field.

These incredible ships can travel at speeds of up to 30,000 miles per hour in our atmosphere.

The grays may have realized they were overheard and weren’t sure how we, as primitive beings, would respond.

If we assume that Earth is the only energy planet in the Universe, we are delusional. Not only are we not isolated, but we are home to a variety of alien creatures. Others want to take our place, while others help us transition to stage 2 civilization.


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