Professor at the Institute for Advanced Study reveals: “Extraterrestrials are invincible robots with millions of years”

If we haven’t found any extraterrestrials yet and we’re always on the lookout for them, our first alien encounter can be scary.

You will be disappointed if you see the aliens as tiny humanoid beings with a long, massive head and almond-shaped eyes that have a strange obsession with “probing” people’s whereabouts.

“Alien Minds” is the title of a recent study.

Professor Susan Schneider of the University of Connecticut and the Princeton Institute for Advanced Study investigates a theory about the first encounter with extraterrestrial career robotics: the extraterrestrial being billions of years ago.

A robot so rusty it’s hard to gasp, according to the Daily Galaxy. Professor Schneider claims that an alien AI exists in the cosmos and will likely survive billions of years.

“I don’t believe that biological alien societies will be the most successful; I believe that post-biological technologies, artificial intelligence or alien superintelligence will be the smartest civilizations,” says Schneider.

“Other civilizations may be much older than we are,” he added, “but Earthlings are heavenly babies,” Schneider hypothesized.

“Both lines of evidence point to the fact that the maximum lifespan of extraterrestrial intelligence would be billions of years, precisely between 1.7 billion and 8 billion years,” Professor Schneider said in an article in the Daily Galaxy.

Scaling robots implies that silicon-based lifeforms can survive harsher and more dangerous conditions than carbon-based lifeforms, which means civilization can live much longer.

There are some advantages to being silicon-based, according to Dr. Schneider.

“For example, space travel is better because there is enormous computing power available and no physical limitations like the skull, and a machine could achieve superintelligence faster than a human being,” he said.

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