Alien lizard photographed by NASA’s Curiosity Rover on Mars?

UFO hunter and virtual archaeologist Joseph White of ArtAlienTV recently made a brilliant discovery while examining the series of photos that NASA uploaded to its official website.

These photos were taken by the Curiosity Rover on Mars, and according to Joseph White, one of them is especially important to all of us as a species.

You can clearly see what appears to be a lizard-like creature roaming the surface of Mars.

It’s too small which is why the Curiosity Rover probably didn’t catch it, standing tall and proud at an inch tall.

He mentioned what the remains of an alien lizard could look like too, as if staying on the surface too long could cause it to become petrified and appear to be a statue or rock formation of some sort.

But, this is not the only lizard discovered on Mars. In 2013, this image appeared all over the internet. UFO Sightings Daily takes credit for this discovery.

Scott Waring, the famous virtual archaeologist, claimed that well over 15 similar cases have been observed so far on the Red Planet. It even has proof of a move, belying any theory that it’s just rock formations all along.

He presented a series of five photos of the same area. In four of them you can see the lizard, in one it is gone. That means he moved on his own.

What do you think of this discovery?

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