The scientific community claims that an alien civilization was responsible for life on Earth 3.8 billion years ago

There may be worlds with sophisticated extraterrestrial cultures. For several years now, there has been a concern that has haunted the minds of many people and is accurate: could there be an extraterrestrial civilization much more advanced than ours? This is how many scientists asked if there are solar systems in the world that could be more than 10 billion years old than ours, which is only 4.6 million years old.

Francis Crick, the Nobel Prize winner for medicine credited with discovering the structure of DNA, also wrote about it. If planetary systems are much older than ours, there is a possibility that there are technologically sophisticated alien societies, more developed than we have been in thousands of years.

Maybe even before the Earth was born. This hypothesis is supported by new observations of extrasolar planets located far from our solar system.

A planet of advanced alien civilization: the proof of this is the planet PSR B1620.

Why can’t you believe that alien existence developed on Methuselah before Earth was formed? Crick proposed a modern hypothesis to the world of science, which he called the contagious theory. It consists of an alien race, which may have seeded a primitive life on Earth.

For example, this raises questions: how was he transported to Earth? For Crick, this was achieved by a spacecraft specially built for this project. Thus, they were able to introduce certain microorganisms responsible for the emergence of life.

It is likely that the voyage was undertaken with all practicable protective precautions before this craft entered our world, which was its target of terrestrial existence in space. In 1986, at the Roots of Life Congress held in Berkeley, USA. There were 300 scientists from 22 countries around the world.

It was concluded that this idea should be rejected because, in this scenario, there would have to be a series of genetic codes. Later discoveries in genetics revealed something entirely new. All life on Earth, from bacteria to humans, evolved from an ancestral organism. The most critical question is what is the root of the ancestral cell?

Most believed that these organic precursors had been delivered from space.

Manfred Eigen, winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, along with a party from the Max Planck Society, German Advancement of Research, in 1989, was able to trace RNA, which embodies the genetic knowledge of DNA that can be used in protein synthesis.

Adding that if the human genetic code existed more than 3,800,000 million years ago, it would have been extraterrestrial in nature. For years, our scientific institution refused to consider the existence of alien life. Now, however, accept the probability that our existence has an extraterrestrial basis.


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