The moon is a satellite of the Earth, and the only astronomical object known to date where a person’s foot has stepped. The mysterious moon is filled with many incredible mysteries and hypotheses.

When we look at the Moon, we always see the same side, about 60% of its surface – even though the planet rotates on its own axis. This feature of our satellite is due to the fact that the Moon’s rotation around our planet and around its own axis is synchronized – this is another mystery of our neighbor.

Often, the invisible part of the moon is known as the opposite side of the moon or “the dark side of the moon”. Although the “dark side” is certainly a metaphor rather than a reflection of reality, as on average the dark side of the moon receives as much sunlight as the visible part of our satellite.

And yet, it is really the “dark side of the moon”, a territory that has not been visible to humanity for many hundreds of years. What can happen there, what is hidden in invisibility? – According to conversations in certain circles, there is no better place for aliens to deploy secret bases from us.
The other side of the moon - alien bases or an ancient astronaut's graveyard? 1

A little of history

Gradually, the mystery of the dark side of the moon began to lose its enigma in 1959, when the USSR Luna-3 automatic satellite, circling the moon, photographed its invisible region. Of course, the first images were coarse and low quality, but they were capable of showing lifeless deserts in crater marks as well as on the side facing us.

Subsequent flights of robotic explorers such as Lunar Orbiter 4 were able to provide more detailed images of the moon’s invisible region in 1967. A year later, Apollo 8 astronauts (Frank Borman, James Lovell and William Anders), flying around moon in preparation for the Apollo 11 mission, examined the other side of the satellite with the eyes of a man.

Official reports on the expedition are dull and dry – a dead planet whose surface has been plowed by asteroids for billions of years. Television broadcasts by the moon’s crew also showed the planet’s gray surface. It is this mysterious phrase that flew from the spaceship to Earth – confirmation that Santa Claus exists. – Supposedly, this is the UFO code designation adopted by NASA.

Today, many photographs show details of the moon’s invisible side, and topographic maps have been compiled showing the main features of this area. It seems that in our time the dark side of the moon has lost a significant part of its secrets and hypotheses. But still, there is an opinion that many secrets are hidden in this area of ​​our neighbor.
For example, why did Apollo manned expeditions change so abruptly?

Several researchers are of a unanimous opinion that the reason for this is one thing: aliens don’t want to see humanity on the moon! They don’t care that we consider the satellite “ours”, they know who it is and are ready to defend their rights.
The other side of the moon - alien bases or an ancient astronaut's graveyard?

The ufologists’ hypothesis about the moon

Ufology is generally very concerned with everything extraterrestrial, and even more so with the Moon – there are many anomalous phenomena visible through a telescope. A theory from longtime UFO hunters warns:

On the far side of the moon is the oldest base for alien observers. It is possible that this is not even a base, but a huge laboratory complex has been set up to study all aspects of human life.

It is assumed that they (aliens) come from some other star system. It is logical to assume that for long-term observations and regular visits to Earth, they need to have a working base in our system. Naturally, considering this plane of the matter, the invisible side of the moon will be the best place to set up a secret outpost, a place where you can not only rest after a flight from another galaxy, but also the closest base to Earth.
The other side of the moon - alien bases or an ancient astronaut's graveyard?

In support of this hypothesis, the authors of numerous publications on the economy of aliens on the moon cite statements by William Cooper, a former high-ranking US intelligence officer.

In 1989, Cooper allegedly under oath – the case took place at a special meeting of the UN Space Exploration Committee – said that the US government knew about alien spacecraft appearing near Earth, and was well aware of the alien lunar complex.

Alien base on the far side of the moon

Some videos, allegedly filmed by Apollo mission crews, show details of the alien base. There are huge quarry vehicles, next to a large alien ship – probably a transport transporting the miners. In the center of the crater, where all this action takes place, rise gigantic towers.

Of course, this is all extremely suspicious information – for example, the Apollo 8 expedition and the Luna 3 spacecraft, they didn’t see any bases on the Moon (at least this is unknown). Although, what can be seen on the Moon in orbit?
The other side of the moon - alien bases or an ancient astronaut's graveyard?

By the way, the story of William or Bill Cooper is shrouded in police mystery. Retired, since the 90s, he has described cases of alien presence, about the secret government, about UFOs, about the United States treaty with the alien race. Many talked about forgery and other speculation on the nloosh topic.

However, there is a “But”, in 2001, Cooper was killed by sheriff’s officers, at his Arizona home – the motive was allegedly tax evasion (Cooper is believed to have started shooting). Perhaps it was no accident, did he really know about such a thing?

Virtual researchers point to the existence of large alien structures on the “far” side of the moon. It sounds strange, but it really is, researchers say, and we have solid evidence of this from NASA satellites.
The other side of the moon - alien bases or an ancient astronaut's graveyard?

In 1994, America sent the Clementine satellite to the Moon to obtain detailed photographs of the object under study. However, earlier in the early 1970s, abruptly ending the Apollo program before its conclusion, NASA clearly announced: “The moon has been studied well enough and is no longer interesting.”

It’s no use spending taxpayer money on the study of the Moon, here it is necessary to build bases and move forward on the path of mastering our system and the study of deep space. But nevertheless, the Moon continues to be studied not less closely, but already remotely – with the help of satellites.

The Clementine satellite took 1.8 million images during its work, but only 170,000 images were made available to the public, according to foreign researchers. And the ones available were not of the expected quality. What happened to the rest of the photos? – The rest has been classified!
The other side of the moon - alien bases or an ancient astronaut's graveyard?

But why did American and Soviet scientists abandon manned flights to the Moon? Moreover, they refused almost at the same time, as if coordinating their actions. Did someone – say the alien base owners – really give us a negative signal from the gate?

There are no working complexes of aliens there, – the researchers express a rare version. No one is mining helium-3, as many assume.

On one of their “visits” to the Moon, America discovered the destroyed remains of ancient structures and a graveyard of alien beings! Assessing the state of the remains of the buildings, the scientists came to the conclusion about an intentional explosion.

Reflecting on the destruction, the graveyard and the warning signs, scientists conclude that an unknown epidemic killed the ancient aliens – which even those more advanced than our knowledge could not overcome. Having correctly interpreted all these “signals”, people decide to leave the moon, but still continue to conduct a remote study of our satellite.
The other side of the moon - alien bases or an ancient astronaut's graveyard?

Paranormal explorers, astral travelers

Confirmation of the base of an extraterrestrial race on the far side of the moon, and as a result, proof of the existence of aliens, is supported by Ingo Swan, a seer and a person who knows how to live in the astral field of Earth. He is an expert in astral life (travels to other worlds with the help of thought in a special state of his physical body).

Ingo Swan, allegedly worked for the US government and participated in the creation of the psychic observation program in the 1970s.

The 1973 discovery can be cited as an example of their incredible abilities. Then, making an astral journey to the planet Jupiter, Swann confidently stated that Jupiter’s rings represent a formation of gas and dust. This was confirmed six years later by Voyager 1 in 1979.
The other side of the moon - alien bases or an ancient astronaut's graveyard?

In one of the Astral Journeys to the Moon, Swann, examining the dark side of the satellite, found buildings of extraterrestrial origin.

Still in his astral body, the traveler saw tall towers in the depths of the crater, from whose tip a powerful illumination of the crater came out. As the remote researcher talked about his experience, he was surprised to realize the importance and improbability of the fact that a certain civilization had built some sort of structure on the moon.

Also, based on his success, Swann mentally headed into the depths of the alien structure, where he discovered two humanoids, the inhabitants of the moon base. He also noticed that the aliens sensed his presence, after which the visit was cut short, and he himself was “thrown” from the moon! – in the sense of your astral spirit.
The other side of the moon - alien bases or an ancient astronaut's graveyard?

back to the moon

Most (and perhaps all) of these stories about the secret alien bases on the far side of the moon are fiction – well, or campfire horror stories. The experience of traveling in the astral body is also unlikely, so its results are treated with great confidence.

None of these moon stories have been confirmed. We cannot find confirmation or disproof until a person returns to the surface of the moon again, but something is wrong with the exploration of the moon.

The moon is at an average distance of 384 thousand kilometers from the Earth (centers of objects), the flight takes less than a week – this is a practically neighboring region. Lunar laboratories and telescopes have great prospects – a gigantic scale of space exploration! And the lunar spaceport? – this is the beginning of a planet whose gravity is six times less than that of Earth! The planet’s resources also go into the same piggy bank for moon exploration.
The other side of the moon - alien bases or an ancient astronaut's graveyard?

Plans for the development of the Moon and the creation on its surface of the “Village” of earthlings (settlements) were discussed more than once. Then, in the spring of 2006, NASA announced the development of a manned expedition to the satellite.

The program foresaw the landing of four astronauts on the far side of the moon. They will collect samples, study and look for a location for the moon bases… but the program was delayed until 2015, then for another year – and this is just one example of the development programs deferred to our nearest neighbor.

Interestingly, what can be found on the moon, the constructions of an extraterrestrial race? Spaceships from an alien civilization? Proof that ancient astronauts visited Earth? Returning to the moon is no guarantee that these problems will be solved. Even without finding an alien base on the moon, fans of “conspiracy theory” will always be able to justify this with the silence of the government, which wants to protect the public from understanding the terrible fact of the existence of aliens.

Is it not true that many interested in this matter will not be able to stay on the moon? At the same time, some skeptics suspect that we won’t be back to the moon anytime soon, if ever.


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