Humpback Whale is found in a forest area in Pará, “ABDUCTION OF WHALES”?

BRAZIL – Humpback Whale found in a forested area in Pará, “ABDUCTION OF WHALES”?

Humpback whale is found in a forested area on Marajó beach, in Pará
According to the Environment Department,  “the appearance of the animal in the region is a mystery”. A humpback whale was found this Friday (22), in a wooded area of ​​Araruna beach, on the coast of the municipality of Soure, on the island of Marajó.

According to the Municipal Health, Sanitation and Environment Department (Semma), the animal, which appears to be an adult, was found dead. It measures 11 meters long by 6 meters wide.

“The mammal is one of the largest species of whales that exist,” says Dirlene Silva, the municipality’s environmental secretary.

According to Semma, a team is gathering information to elucidate the mystery about the appearance of this animal,  so far from the ocean , in winter. Biologists from the NGO Bicho D’água are on their way to Soure to investigate the cause of the animal’s death. “They will do the autopsy. To the naked eye, there are no injuries. So we need to understand what led to the death of the whale”, says Dirlene.


Now look what happened in Oklahoma, The banks of the river in Oklahoma found a 40-foot humpback whale

Riverbanks in Oklahoma encountered a 40-foot humpback whale in the grass, a good 5 meters from the water. Well that’s what happened. Only a UFO could have carried this whale  650 km from the ocean  to Oklahoma! There were no traces of any vehicles. I have seen UFO reports like this one before where a UFO would be reported in the area and suddenly people would find live salmon in their backyards, sometimes frogs, snakes and even worms .
Scott C. Waring-Taiwan
From fiction to real life? Who remembers the Star Trek series, where in one of the episodes they rescue two whales, or rather tele transport them to aquariums inside the ship.
Review this scene in the second video below.

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