Book of Enoch Reveals Angels Were Really “ALIENS”

Angels weren’t human so… where did they come from? According to the Book of Enoch they were ALIENS. 

For many years the Bible has been the object of study not only by religionists but by scientists as it is presumed to hide wonderful mysteries that have no direct or concrete answer. One of the most recent is that a Book called “Enoch” was discovered where he was removed from the holy book because it contained irrefutable material that claimed that Aliens Visited Earth.

Book of Enoch: “Angels Were Aliens” 

Although this book talks about angels, this is precisely what aroused the curiosity of those who are dedicated to researching questions of this type. In the book of Enoch it is related about the event when angels descended to Earth. Although these beings have always been associated with images of asexual men with huge wings serving God it could be that this book of the Bible is talking about Aliens.

Although it was never taken into account that the book of Enoch could be directly associated with intelligent beings superior to humans, recent research and theories claim that there are some textual signs that can be specifically directed to this topic and that in fact we believed that angels are nothing more than aliens inhabiting other planets.

Angels: Beings from Another World 

If we read the book of Enoch, we realize that it tells the moment when angels descend to Earth with the intention of living in the world and dominating human beings with different teachings so that they act like them in this way. contribute to the evolution of the human race in a direct way. While obviously the Bible is not literally written in this way, several conclusions can be drawn.

The most curious thing about the book of Enoch is that it says that the angels wanted to create a new race from human beings, relating to them and therefore bringing into the world hybrid beings that consequently were the evolution of both beings. That they had the intelligence of these, thus making the world a planet with greater evolutionary power than the others. This did not please God according to the Bible.

If what has been discovered from this censored book of the Bible is true then we could be convinced that in reality there are beings more evolved than us with much more intelligence in the universe, who not only know us, but also at some point in these millions of years of Earth existence they tried to join us to create a new race.

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