Astronomer Records Exact Moment An “Alien Ship Takes Off From The Moon”

This video is one of the best recorded by the astronomer who goes by the name of BruceSeesall on social media. The video is about a UFO being seen taking off from the moon taken by a professional telescope.

In the video Bruce reads part of the transcripts of astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin as they observed UFOs on the lunar surface. During the Apollo 11 mission Neil Armstrong told Mission Control that two huge unknown objects were watching him and Aldrin after they landed on the moon. But this message was never heard by the public because NASA censored it. ” But a 2006 video interview with astronaut Neil Armstrong the video of the encounter between Apollo 11 and two UFOs is analyzed. This was just one of many “encounters” with alien beings during the round trip to the Moon.

Astronauts saw something on the moon and the evidence is there. We think that even in this circumstance astronomer Bruce has already given the answer by showing his own evidence of UFOs on the lunar surface.

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