Aliens cure four children with cancer

They are showing up in hospital rooms for dying patients, touching their foreheads and curing them of terminal cancer! This is the incredible report of 14 highly respected doctors and members of the Pyrenees Hospital de Los Ninos in Andorra, Spain. They saw 1.5m tall extraterrestrials use their “magic” on four terminally ill children within a month.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes,” said night nurse Lupe Montoya who was working in the oncology section of the children’s hospital during the first alien visit. “I was filling out reports when I saw two little creatures walking towards me. At first I thought two of the children were out of their beds so I got up to take them back to their rooms. But when I got closer I saw they weren’t human. They had a color…

brown, with a large almond-shaped head and eyes. They didn’t look like anything found on this planet. I was afraid because they looked very mysterious. But at the same time I felt a kind of loving intelligence in those strange eyes.”   Nurse Montoya says the creatures entered the room of Juan Lopez, a 7-year-old boy, who was expected to die of leukemia within a week. She alerted the security guard and called Dr. Tomas Ruiz who was taking care of another patient.

Since that night, Maria Munoz, 9, Anita Pena, 8 and Hector Gomez, 9, all diagnosed as terminally ill, have also been cured by the unknown creatures. The 14 hospital staff members watched the beings perform miracles.

“There is a pattern to these visits,” says Dr. Ruiz. “They always happen around 1 am, the aliens always come in pairs and always heal with a tap on the forehead.” Dr. Dego Garcia, famous metaphysician and researcher of alien appearances for over 30 years, says that the Pyrenees Mountains have long been known for their high UFO activity.

The aliens were beside the bed. There seemed to be a mystical bond between them and the boy. One of the beings gently touched Juan’s forehead with his long finger and he was immediately surrounded by a luminous aura. When the aliens left the hospital, the doctors x-rayed and examined Juan. He was completely cancer free.

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