Peru’s Three-Toed Mummy Isn’t an Alien, It’s a New Human Species

This according to a British researcher who analyzed the mummified body

British scientist Steve Mera analyzed the “mysterious” three-fingered mummy from Peru and found that it is not an alien, but a new species of human being. found by thieves in a region of Nazca, Peru, in early 2017? Well, contrary to what Russian professor Konstantin Korotkov said in March of this year, after supposedly studying these remains, the strange mummified body is not an “alien”, but a new species of human being. by a British scientist.

The information was released by the British newspaper Daily Express.
Scientist and documentary filmmaker Steve Mera believes he has found a new species of human being after carrying out a series of scientific tests and studies on one of the Peruvian mummies, the three-fingered one. Using DNA and carbon-14 analysis, the researcher found that this mummified body could be 1,800 years old.
Furthermore, the results suggest that the curious mummy would be 98.5% “primate” and 1.5% “unknown” – but with a genetic structure similar to that of a human being.
As the Daily Express shows, Steve Mera had access to the corpses that are kept at the Inkari Institute in Cusco, Peru, and was even able to take several samples for DNA testing.

Together with Dutch researcher Barry Fitzgerald, the Briton visited the South American country in July last year.
Steve Mera said he believed his findings could “alter the history books forever.” He is also preparing a documentary about the research on the “mysterious” Peruvian mummies.
The scientist also says that the other corpses found, which some thought to be extraterrestrials, in fact, would have been faked to attract public attention. For this, charlatans would have used animal bones and skins.
However, the mummy nicknamed Maria, which contains three fingers and an elongated head, made Mera believe it was an ancient and still unknown version of a human being. “We can say that we have evidence that the body of ‘Maria’ constitutes an incredible discovery.

A discovery that could lead us to alter our history books forever. It may be the most important discovery of the 21st century”, says the researcher to the Daily Express. “We took on this case to disprove many of the unscientific claims that these mysterious bodies were indeed ‘extraterrestrial’ in origin, and we managed to do just that, except for the large body of ‘Maria’.”

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