Meet JANUS – the extraterrestrial being who spoke to a British pilot

Sir Peter Horsley was by far one of the greatest American heroes who ever lived. He was known as the best pilots of all time and even served as the acting Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the UK RAF Strike Command for the longest time before retiring in 1954.

As he was so popular for his accomplishments in life, it became glaringly clear how, when he declared that he was releasing his own autobiography, it would be amazing regardless of what would be written in it.

But regardless, people still didn’t expect this, as what he had written there shocked everyone who had ever read it.

He wrote about his experiences with UFOs and aliens, even going so far as to explain his conversation with a strange being known as  Lord Janus  .

The book titled “Sounds from Another Room” had so many entries in it that they all deserve their own article in their own right, but today we are going to focus on the incredible discussion he had with none other than Lord Janus himself.

The chapter is quite brief, but it tells of how he waited for Mrs. Markham when he suddenly spotted a random stranger staring at him from the corner of the room.

He referred to himself as “Lord Janus” and the two immediately started talking. They talked about aliens, UFOs and everything else.

Sir Peter declared that he would love to meet a foreigner someday, to which Lord Janus replied that he should keep an eye on the Duke of Edinburgh.

Before mysteriously interrupting, Lord Janus told Peter about the impending “Dark Ages” our civilization will soon pass through. He stated that when we stop evolving, we will end up destroying each other to achieve technological superiority.

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