This alien woman was captured by NASA on Mars

The image scared many people on the internet and became the subject of a report in the main newspapers and portals in the world.

This alien woman was captured by NASA on Mars, the ghost figure appears to be watching the rover from afar.

This was discovered by Youtube’s UFOovni2012 and I have to admit, it looks like a partially layered woman. The woman appears to have breasts…indicated by the shadow on her chest.

Blogs specializing in ufology, such as Area Zona 51 & UFOs and UFO Sightings Daily, have made real treatises on the subject. Who “discovered” this figure were collaborators of UFOOVNI2012, a YouTube channel that compiles supposed findings of flying saucers, aliens and things from other worlds.

He captured an image made by the robot, closed the focus on the figure and zoomed in, until he found the figure of the woman.

“It is difficult to say whether this figure is a statue or a living being, given the distance at which the image was taken. But it does not appear to be a statue, because it would show signs of destruction. It could even be the shape of a woman with breasts, visible because of the shadow.”

“Of course, governments of countries that explore space will say that there is no life outside of Earth and that this is just a rock that appears to be a woman,” said the blog, one of the most well-known sites for ufology fans. “This image would show that this is a very suspicious claim”

This strange figure, which appeared in an image made by NASA’s Curiosity robot, sparked the imagination of many people and caused a real buzz on social media.

Everyone wanted to give their verdict on this supposed figure of a female figure, which appeared in the photo captured by the contraption of the American space station. Would it be an alien? (Or AN alien?) A ghost? Or an effect caused by the planet’s stones? The three positions were ardently defended on social media.

We also see two arms that are lighter and what looks like a head with long hair. It is difficult to say whether this is a living being, or a statue of a being long ago. However, a small statue would be eroded and destroyed easily, so it has a higher chance of being a living being.

It’s also facing the Mars rover… watching it from a distance.

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