There may be more than 30 ‘active’ alien civilizations in our galaxy, study finds

A study carried out by  the University of Nottingham  points out that there may be more than  30 extraterrestrial civilizations   in our galaxy . To reach this conclusion, the research evaluated the number of  planets  on which it would be possible for life to develop in a similar way as it did on  Earth .

The prediction was made based on a theory that scientists have named the “ astrobiological Copernican limit .” It is a calculation that estimates the amount of time it would take for intelligent life to form on other planets.

According to this principle, which estimates an interval of 5 billion years for the development of thinking beings, they could predict the existence of  36 intelligent civilizations in the Milky Way . The research went further and estimated the average distance of these aliens to us: about 17,000 light-years.

Photo:  Daniel Olah

This does not mean that aliens actually exist, only that scientists understand that there are favorable conditions for their formation on other planets. However, despite targeting the galaxy, the study may help to understand more about life on Earth.

“Our new research suggests that the search for intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations not only reveals the existence of how life forms, but also gives us clues to how long our own civilization will last. If we find intelligent life to be common, it would reveal that our civilization could exist for much longer than a few hundred years; alternatively, if we discover that there are no active civilizations in our galaxy, it  bodes ill for our own long-term  existence . ”

Read the full publication in  The Astrophysical Journal , in English.


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