NASA Reveals There Is Alien Life On Mars But People Aren’t Ready To Meet It

Jim Green, NASA’s acting chief of science recently stated that it won’t be long before the European Space Agency discovers alien life on Mars. He even gave us a date letting us know that this will take place in the coming months.
He stated that this will be officially proven in late 2021 or even before that as his new Rover will soon be heading to Mars with new technological tools in his possession that will help us discover more than what we were already capable of with his Curiosity Rover.

During an interview with the Daily Telegraph he stated that this will change everything life on Earth will never be the same after the fateful announcement is made public.
He even claimed that the world as we know it is not yet ready to discover the truth as we are still children when it comes to space travel and discoveries as important as that would leave us completely unhinged to say the least.

As a major contributor to NASA and one of the few who have been involved in the Mars drilling experiments starting this year it’s safe to say that the ExoMars Rover he’s been building lately will definitely come back with some amazing new samples that will rock the world as we know it.

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