Brazil should become the 1st country to make real contact between humans and extraterrestrials

The Brazilian Center for Research on Flying Saucers (CBPDV), which is considered the largest center dedicated to the area in the Southern Hemisphere, was created and chaired by veteran ufologist AJ Gevaerd, editor of Revista UFO , where he has revealed a lot of constant and doing a lot of research since the 1980s.

Some information points out that Brazil will be the first country in South America and in the world to accept as well as recognize that there are people who have official and significant contacts with intelligent extraterrestrial life forms, which, for the researcher, have been visiting Earth since ancient times steadily.

In a meeting held in 1954 and commanded by Colonel João Adil de Oliveira, from the Air Force, at the headquarters of the Escola Superior de Guerra, in Rio de Janeiro, Geveard stated the following conclusion : “Brazil has an especially natural relationship with several UFO phenomena. , including being the first country on the planet to officially admit the existence and constant sighting of flying saucers and other extraterrestrials” . A few years after that declaration in 1976, that is, 22 years later, France would have made the same admission.

Brazil was still considered the first country on the planet to make public and record an encounter where humans and extraterrestrial beings communicated, a fact that took place on July 23, 1947, a few days before the sighting of a UFO fleet by Kenneth Arnold. occurred in the United States, a fact that gave rise to Ufology.

In this Brazilian encounter and sighting, the surveyor who lives in Paraná, José Higgins, ended up meeting with ETs, who were uniformed from head to toe and who had a disproportionate height for the human being. “The case cited by Higgins is even more significant than the sighting made by Arnold, however the beginning of Ufology was in fact marked with the North Americans” , mentions Gevaerd.

Brazil. 1st real contact of humans with extraterrestrials

If that weren’t enough, Brazil is also considered the first country in history to record an alien abduction, an act that takes place from the moment a human being is taken against his or her own will aboard a flying saucer, as was the case with the case of Antonio Villas Boas from Minas Gerais, which took place on October 16, 1957, in the municipality of São Francisco de Sales, in the south of Minas Gerais.

But unfortunately, the ufological literature maintains the status of the first abduction that took place on US soil, more precisely in 1961, four years after what happened with Villas. Gevaerd mentions that this is not true, and that it has been reported by him in all his international conferences in more than 60 countries.

Since the time of Pedro Álvares Cabral, Brazil has reported hundreds of cases a year, where he himself, when he arrived in April 1500, noticed the existence of a spherical light that categorically attacked some indigenous people, who feared it, giving the name to this light of “boitatá” , which translated means “that which is made of fire” .

A similar case like Cabral’s is exactly the same as it is even possible to see and report everywhere in Brazil. Pero Vaz de Caminha’s account of the “boitatá” to the Portuguese king is kept in a letter inside the National Library, in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

In several regions the “boitatá” is seen as something folkloric and has taken the name of “mother of water” or “mother of gold” , when seen near springs or rocky walls. Other names that are mentioned to this fact are “corridor fire” , “burial light” , “big snake” , which in this case, when moving in the sky , “bride” , “Maria Jacinta’s light” etc.

Gevaerd also concludes that 100% of Brazilian folklore legends that are related to lights or fire are, in fact, UFO sightings that unfortunately are misinterpreted by the ancestors.

Among all the legends that were cited and created in observations of non-terrestrial beings, the most used conditions and names used are “goblins” , “spirits” , “visagens” , “hauntings” , etc.

“Of course, in many parts of the world these phenomena are repeated, but not with the same intensity as those that occur in Brazil” , says Gevaerd.

Gevaerd was also responsible for creating the UFO Magazine in the 1980s, which is considered the oldest publication on reports of flying saucers in the world, which is still in circulation and which is widely discussed and is part of the World Coalition on Extraterrestrial Contact. (WCEC), an organization that is made up of ufologists from 32 nations around the world.

The initiative is based on a wide range of information and also occurrences of UFO sightings and contacts with their crew since the 1940s, in about 100 nations, according to Gevaerd. This coalition on extraterrestrial contact has a
broadly ambitious plan, whose priority is to take the issue to the United Nations (UN) for consideration , in order to accept the discussion on the subject, where all representatives of at least 30 nations are proposing.

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