Bigelow Foundation reports offer information on UFO cases from the 1990s

Bigelow Aerospace, a space technology company located in the city of Las Vegas, is considered the pioneer in expandable space station modules, the company visited numerous countries in search of evidence of UFOs and UFO cases, finding various information released by Angela Thompson .

The National Discovery Science Institute was an organization related to funded research, it kept its headquarters open until 2004. Founded in the year 95 by the real estate developer Robert Bigelow, creating it to research and promote serious studies of diverse cases in particular the ufology.

Colm Kelleher who was deputy administrator mentioned that the Bigelow organization was not designed to be able to study only UFOs or UFO related cases. According to him, the company did not seek to study only aliens, but anomalies. “They may be the same thing in the minds of countless people, but they are not for us.” Colm stated.

Angela Thompson Smith, who is a writer and PhD in psychology, was one of the company’s most prominent figures who witnessed several cases, served within the Bigelow Foundation in the mid-1990s.

Angela participated in the radio program of the American ufologist Erica Lukes, which was called “UFO Classified” and made several revelations. At the end of the program, Angela sent to journalist Keith Basterfield parts of her report that she prepared when she was working at the foundation, a report that was released at the 4th Fall
Recovery Procedures Conference, in 2006, in the city of Las Vegas.

Thompson built a library within the headquarters of the Bigelow Foundation, which consisted of extensive information and research related to UFOs, abductions as well as paranormal cases. In an extremely curious way, the library could have free access to hundreds of researchers in search of some informative material.

In November 1992, Angela and Bigelow participated in a conference tour in the city of Los Angeles, where about 150 health professionals addressed the subject related to abductions, details of sightings and reports of objects in a triangular shape, subjects which were considered objects of research by the National Institute of Discovery Science.

In one of Smith’s reports, she mentions having carried out numerous celestial observations in the city of Las Vegas with Robert, who suggested that Smith build several UFO detectors.

In 1993, Angela informed that the foundation ended up receiving some reports from a certain farm, where there were reports of UFO sightings. She and her partner Robert went to the site and one night, they saw unusual lights that caught their attention. The colors were off-white and yellowish-white and the lights were always at a distance of about a football field, which did not emit any different types of noise or static on the radio.

On the same day soon afterwards they had another type of sighting of lights that moved erratically, which even raised dust from the bed of a lake next to them, she commented that these lights seemed to move up and down above a mountain quickly.

As the information became increasingly interesting to Bigelow, Angela reported that he asked that she herself could travel to Huntsville, Alabama, in order to follow up on some UFO sightings.

Lake Guntersville State Park
Guntersville, Alabama

Arriving at the scene, Angela ended up meeting local newspaper owners, the Bakers, who had reported UFO sightings over the town of Fyffe. According to her, the owners talked a lot about the sightings and abductions that were taking place in Alabama.

On her last day at the Lake Gunterville inn, Angela says she managed to get a certain UFO sighting, right on the balcony of her room, where a large round-shaped light, red and white, made the vertical movement, disappearing into the clouds soon after. in fractions of a second.

UFO Magazine image

Angela, after reporting the experience to Bigelow, again requested that she could offer assistance to the young abduction researcher Budd Hopkins going to New York City in search of UFO information that some people had reported taking place there. Angela stayed there for up to two weeks helping Hopkins with various tasks that were assigned to him, but were unable to raise or spot any new cases.

Angela’s job was to find news that was considered relevant, ready for Las Vegas journalist George Knapp to air. The program offered information and some reports of sightings and other experiences with UFOs throughout the country.

That same year Bigelow was so passionate that he ended up funding his own radio program called the Area 2000 program. However, the program lasted only six months, where Bigelow unexpectedly lost interest in its follow-up.

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