A Captured Alien Communicated With KGB Agent Via Telepathy, Asking For Help

The following information was all recorded from an actual report made by a former KGB member. The KGB member was essentially tasked with investigating this captured alien, through which he essentially discovered the following.

It all started with him heading to a secret underground base where he saw how many locks there were in the entire operation to begin with.

Soon after, he realized why, as the creatures he encountered inside were literally “out of this world”, to say the least.

Then he came to the room he was to study and the specimen he was to examine.

He got himself a protective suit that, according to the experts there, didn’t put him in danger, even if the creature attacked him head-on.

When he tried to get close to the alien, however, a voice began to emerge out of nowhere inside his head, which made it clear that the creature couldn’t communicate by real words, but by telepathy.

Essentially, I asked him to contact his superior and release him immediately. He talked about how he was hurt and how he needed to escape as quickly as possible.

He immediately remembered the Project Blue Book alien interview and couldn’t help but feel bad about how this creature was essentially kept in check and tested on a daily basis.

Below is his video. You will see the alien at 8:30

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