Relics of an ancient alien civilization are discovered in India after a river dries up

Global warming is something that has affected the Earth and even more after the 19th century. Since man has increased his destructive activities in nature. This caused several rivers to reduce their water levels and others to dry up completely, as is the case with the Shalmala River in  Karnataka  , India. Relics of an ancient alien civilization are discovered in India after a river dries up
Intense Drought Reveals Stunning Discovery of Thousands of Shiva Lingas in a River

Intense drought reveals in a river the impressive discovery of thousands of  Shiva Lingas. Relics of an ancient alien civilization are discovered in India after a river dries up

This river dried up for the first time in history in 2018. This has led several archaeologists to discover some spectacular relics belonging to a lost civilization thousands of years old.

Hindu culture and the god Shiva, an ancient tradition of India

Apparently, this river had never dried up. However, after its waters were absorbed by the sun during 2018, strange formations were discovered in very good condition at the bottom of the river, despite the fast currents it had.

Archaeologists discover ancient relics of a lost civilization on the banks of a dried-up river in India. Relics of an ancient alien civilization are discovered in India after a river dries up

But the curious thing is to see how this material carved into the rocks was able to resist for thousands of years. And it is even more curious to know how these figures were carved at the bottom of the river, the precision and the art that was used for their sculpture. In times when the right tools to create such works did not exist.

The artifacts found here are known as Shiva Ling, belonging to the god Shiva. Hindus have worshiped the god Shiva Linga for thousands of years. Since this represents divine power and energy. Therefore, after this discovery the river became a place of pilgrimage and worship in India. Where many believers in this god and his power offer their prayers and hope to be blessed.

Are these artifacts proof of the existence of aliens?

The amazing architectures of these carved stones indicate that the ancient peoples who inhabited  Sahasralinga  . They had a very advanced knowledge of astronomy and the creation of rock carvings. The same one that according to historical data could have been built from 1678 to 1718.

Archaeologists Uncover Ancient Relics of a Lost Civilization on the Banks of a Dry River in India

However, these impenetrable petroglyphs are believed to be relics representing flying ships, UFOs and vimanas. Many believers in this theory believe that ancient aliens who lived on Earth left evidence of their existence in rock carvings. These figures on the rocks are believed to be ships that the ancient gods used to move from other planets to Earth. Since in the images you can clearly see figures similar to UFOs or flying machines.

The fact is that whatever the case. The drought of this river was the cause of an incredible discovery about the ancient civilizations that populated our planet. However, despite such a discovery, it is still unknown what techniques or materials the ancients used to create these works, or where the source of their knowledge came from. The point is that this is yet another loose end that we must keep to put our puzzle together and learn more about our origins and evolution.

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