Disclosure: Pentagon expected to release dozens of UFO videos

The Pentagon has at least two dozen UFO videos in its possession, and probably many more. Despite their public commitment to transparency, officials refuse to make the footage public. But the government’s reasoning – that disclosure would endanger sensitive “sources and methods” – probably doesn’t hold water for many of these videos.

In March 2019, in the face of increasing military encounters with objects appearing to exhibit highly advanced flight characteristics , the Navy instituted a standardized UFO reporting mechanism. Despite strong redactions, these reports show that fighter pilots are frequently left stunned by such incidents.

Importantly, the Navy’s new reporting procedures allow airmen and intelligence officers to submit video footage and other sensor data. In response to a request under the Freedom of Information Act, the Navy confirmed that 24 videos are associated with 19 UFO reports , spanning June through December 2019.

If the Pentagon continued to receive 20 UFO videos every six months, it would already have well over 100 videos in its possession. Of course, the increased awareness of the new reporting mechanism and the reduction in stigma likely prompted airmen to submit far more UFO videos . Moreover, with 24 videos accompanying 19 reports, it seems that aircrew are unlikely to submit a UFO report without including corroborating data.

As a former director of national intelligence noted , the government also has UFO data — such as “  pictures and video  ” — recorded by satellites.

Of course, public disclosure of satellite data and radar imagery could jeopardize sensitive platforms and capabilities. But many, if not most, of the UFO videos in government possession were likely recorded by infrared pods .

Infrared video technology is not inherently sensitive . At the same time, images of targeting pods are widely available . More importantly, three famous UFO videos – all recorded with the Navy’s main infrared targeting pod – are unclassified (and never were in the first place).

It is therefore impossible for the government to claim that the dissemination of UFO footage filmed by these platforms (let alone cell phones ) would compromise sensitive technologies or intelligence gathering capabilities.

It’s important to note that, since targeting pods are fighter pilots’ technological “eyes” in the sky, these videos likely represent a significant proportion of the UFO data held by the Pentagon.

At the same time, the government has no evidence “to indicate that the [UFOs] are part of an alien collection program or that they indicate a major technological advancement by a potential adversary.” Therefore, the Pentagon cannot plausibly claim that its UFO videos can be classified as sensitive “foreign government information .”

For its part, Congress does not seem concerned that UFOs are part of a foreign intelligence effort. According to the bill unanimously approved by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, a tough new office dedicated to UFOs must immediately stop investigating any object determined to be “manmade” and shift its analytical attention to something else. case. If lawmakers are genuinely concerned that some UFOs are adversarial surveillance platforms, they wouldn’t order a powerful new bureau to stop investigating as soon as an object is determined to be man- made. .

Equally important, officials are confident that none of the 143 unexplained encounters described in a landmark UFO report involve secret US technology. Therefore, the Pentagon cannot withhold UFO videos on the grounds that airmen inadvertently captured images of   sensitive US ” weapons systems .”

With Congress demanding answers and government officials admitting their own impatience with the slow progress, the public release of non-sensitive UFO videos could quickly solve several cases. For example, it took the government ”  several years  ” to determine that two UFO videos exhibited a common shooting artifact. Mick West, a prominent UFO skeptic, identified the artifact within days.

At the same time, verifiable and repeatable geometric analyzes of one of the best-known UFO videos showed that the object’s trajectory matched eyewitness descriptions This implies that the UFO exhibited highly abnormal flight characteristics, including controlled flight without apparent wings, control surfaces, or means of propulsion. Perhaps most intriguingly, scans indicate the object foiled a Navy fighter jet’s attempt to sneak up behind it.

Ultimately, the parameters (approved by a senior intelligence official) by which the government classifies UFO data are in stark contrast to that same official’s public promise to declassify information that does not reveal ” sensitive sources and methods.

With footage from infrared targeting pods – including three well-known, unclassified UFO videos – being widely available in the public domain, the government’s “sources and methods” argument does not hold water. The Pentagon must live up to its categorical commitments to transparency and release all these UFO videos.

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