A surveillance camera caught an anomaly that looks like a fairy

Unusual footage filmed in England shows a mysterious winged anomaly that some have compared to a legendary fairy said to fly around a family’s home.

The bizarre scene was reportedly captured by a doorbell camera at Alicia Stoddart’s home in Hemel Hempstead, England.

While visiting her parents’ home in the Clacton community that evening, the security system alerted her that something strange was happening in her home. When she checked her phone to see what triggered the camera, Alicia Stoddart was stunned to see a small white figure with a huge pair of wings.

My first thought was, “Oh my God, she’s a fairy,” she recalls. “We racked our brains trying to figure out what it could be and googled the possible culprits.” However, according to Stoddart, they failed to find a common creature that could explain the fairy-like anomaly.

“None of them matched the shape or size of the picture,” she explained, leaving her family “convinced it was a fairy.” Predictably, Ms Stoddart’s three children were particularly excited about the video, including her son, who ‘believes in all things magic’ and, as it turns out, had a tooth that fell out at this moment.

No doubt skeptical observers will think the ‘fairy’ in these footage is just an insect, possibly a moth, passing in front of the camera, and her unearthly appearance just a shadow. and a play of light.

While that’s likely, Mr Stoddart believes that “we all need a little magic and faith in our lives”, especially in these turbulent times.

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