14% of people think aliens will invade Earth this year

Will aliens invade our planet this year? A surprising 14% of people answer in the affirmative. A new survey by Ipsos asked more than 22,000 adults in 33 different countries what their predictions were for 2022 and the results are interesting to say the least.

The majority of people have high hopes for this year, as 77% of respondents said they were optimistic that 2022 would be better for them than 2021, while 61% of people believe the global economy will be stronger than last year. As for 2021, 77% of respondents said it was a bad year for their country, and 58% admitted it was not a good year for them or their family.

Regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, just over half of respondents (56%) believe that at least 80% of the world’s population will receive at least one dose of the vaccine this year.

When asked if there will be more extreme weather in their country this year than in 2021, 60% said yes. A surprising 45% of respondents believe fewer people will choose to fly compared to 2019.

When it comes to a return to some normalcy, 71% of respondents think the center of their city will be bustling again, as more people return to working in their office on a more permanent basis. In contrast, a fairly small percentage of respondents (28%) believe people in their country will become more tolerant of each other – this percentage includes a whopping 83% of people living in China, but only 9% of those living in China. in France.

Just over 40% of respondents are confident that the stock market will be stable this year, but rising prices are causing a lot of concern: 75% of people think prices will rise faster than their incomes.

As for the invasion of our planet by extraterrestrials, 14% of respondents think it will happen – interestingly, this percentage includes almost a third of people living in India. Although this percentage may surprise, it is quite low compared to other scary events – 39% of respondents believe that a natural disaster will affect a major city in their country; 38% say foreign government hackers will cause a global computer outage; 34% believe that nuclear weapons will be used in a conflict somewhere in the world; 27% say a malicious AI program cannot be stopped; and 16% think an asteroid will hit our planet.

Overall, people remain optimistic that 2022 will be a better year than 2021, with a stronger global economy and more people getting vaccinated. But there are also concerns, such as rising prices and more extreme weather events. Not to mention the invasion of our planet by aliens.

The full survey results can be viewed here .

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