Video shows SpaceX rocket disintegrating in epic fireball

Don’t Look Up

Residents of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico witnessed the light show of their lives this weekend when what is likely a SpaceX rocket fell to Earth in a spectacular fireball.

Observers captured several videos of the event from the ground. While there was initially some confusion as to the origin of the fireball, many now suspect it is an old SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launched on a mission in March 2017. Third-party orbital debris trackers support this theory .

Anyway, you can watch the show for yourself below:

Space junk

It is not uncommon for rockets and other space debris to fall to Earth in spectacular fashion. Last year, a Falcon 9 rocket stage crashed into the skies of Seattle during such a violent deorbit.

SpaceX has also been in the news recently due to another impending Falcon 9 deorbit, except this one is set to crash into the Moon. Since the Moon has virtually no atmosphere, this impact is likely to create a new crater for researchers to study.

As the aerospace company ramps up its 2022 launch plans — because remember: Elon Musk says it needs to launch twice a week to avoid bankruptcy — we can almost certainly expect more space trash. fall to Earth dramatically in the future. Hopefully we can avoid more death rockets.

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