Vimanas: Did the Ancients have spaceships?

Every year, more and more often, experts in the study of ancient chronicles, we hear versions about the existence of a civilization, millennia ago, which possessed technologies far exceeding the knowledge of the modern man.

One of the most amazing is that of the ancient Indian instructions for building a spaceship – the vimanas.

Vimana: Did the ancients have spaceships?
In most of the texts describing the vimana, it is told how the gods clashed.

The Ramayana says:

“…and the king (Rama) entered there and this magnificent vessel under the command of Raghira rose up into the upper atmosphere…”

According to experts who have studied the Ramayana, it was created in the 4th century BC and tells about the life of King Rama, who ruled 4-5,000 years ago.

It turns out that the vimanas rose into the air two thousand years before our era. If we sum up all the known information, the vimana is most often a two-story round device, pierced with holes and equipped with a dome.

Ancient texts admiringly note that the vimana moved faster than the wind, while emitting a pleasant sound. Externally, these aircraft looked like modern UFOs.

In part of the Ramayana, it is told how the demon Ravana abducted Sita, Rama’s wife, made her sit in a vimana and flew into the air.

But Rama overtook the kidnapper in a more powerful “fiery” plane, overturned Ravana’s ship and brought Sita back. At the same time, in the Rigveda, the god Indra was moving through space at high speed on an airship, beating evil demons with weapons placed on his flying vessel.

Vimana – instructions for its manufacture

In the Samarangana Sutradhara, an ancient treatise found in one of the temples of India, there is a detailed instruction for making these devices:

“…The body of the vimana should be made strong and durable, like a huge bird made of light material. Inside it is necessary to place a mercury engine with its iron heater under it. »

“With the help of the force hidden in the mercury, which sets the tornado head in motion, the person seated inside, can travel across the sky for long distances…”

Ancient texts speak of mirrors and lenses that were placed on the vimanas, not only to hide it from the eyes of enemy pilots, but also to protect it from the deadly rays of similar enemy aircraft.

According to ancient texts, aeronautics was so advanced in the ancient world that there was a whole “range of designs” of vimanas.

“Rukma Vimana” and “Sundara Vimana” had the shape of a cone, a cockpit for the pilots, three floors with engines inside the vessels.

“Tripura Vimana” was a larger machine with the function of moving not only in the air, but also underwater.
Rules of operation

A true miracle in the study of vimanas was discovered in 1875 in an ancient temple in India, the “Vaimanika shastra”, dating from the 4th century BC.

This unique text is not only filled with step-by-step instructions on how to create and manage vimanas of various types, but also includes a description of concepts such as anti-gravity, a free source of energy, or movement in the air. space using solar energy.

This text was first published in the general press in 1979 by the International Academy of Sanskrit Studies.

The list of knowledge, or 32 secrets that the pilot of the vimana should have possessed, is extremely interesting:

– know the device of the plane,
– be able to take off from the ground
– rise in the sky and control the device.

In addition, the pilot of the vimana had the duty, if necessary, to change the appearance of the device, to imitate fear or joy, to glow in the dark or to become invisible.

The pilot had to be able to stun with a thunderous roar, bounce through the air, and write zigzags.

To disguise itself, the vimana could capture the dark component of the spectrum of the solar beam and use it to protect itself from the vimana of the enemy.

An ancient text said: “If you mix special herbal ingredients, which included pomegranate juice, copper sulphate, mustard powder and about ten other components, then after handling this solution, you could create a cloud around the vimana. »

In another instance, as noted in the manuscript, using a mirror attached to the exterior of the vimana, the pilot could detect a collision in the atmosphere of electrical power and wind power, and then use this energy in a certain machine, also installed on the vimana, making it invisible to the enemy.

mysterious mirrors

The ancient author divided the use of special mirrors on the vimana into seven types, among which:

– television mirror,
– energy sensor mirror,
– mirror that changes appearance,
– frightening mirrors.

Thanks to the mirrors, the vimana could take up to 27 terrifying forms, designed to scare away the enemy. Other mirrors could deprive the enemy of reason. A special mirror had the ability to liquidate any obstacle in the way of the vimana.

The vimana used seven motors to move, each of which was driven by a special energy unknown to modern humanity.

It is hard to believe that the above descriptions of this amazing device were created millennia ago.

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