Project Serpo: “A contact with a supposed Extraterrestrial planet”

One of the biggest leaks comes from a leak made by a DIA official. Project Serpo, led by the famous group Majestic-12 Has America visited an alien planet?

For years, we have been trying to confirm whether the Serpo project had more impact than we currently know. This event could completely change the way we view extraterrestrial contact.

A 2005 leak revealed how, in 1965, 12 US military experts began an exchange with extraterrestrial contacts through the sole survivor of the Roswell incident.

Project Serpo: Contact with another planet?

The 10 men and 2 women managed to contact a planet in the Zeta Reticuli star system. The exchange involved the transfer of the 12 people to a planet called Serpo.

The team decided to leave, but one of those affected remained on Earth. It was he who realized that this species was responsible for the kidnapping of Barney and Betty Hill in 1961.
The exchange allowed people to spend 10 years of their lives on the planet, located 39 light years from the Earth. For the record, the trip lasted 9 months. However, after the time was up, only 7 men and 1 woman from the Serpo project returned.

Two of the men decided to stay and live on the planet, while the others died of various causes.

Those who survived after their return spent nearly a year in a secret government facility. They were studied by doctors and scientists, but began to die off bit by bit, one by one. By the end of 2002, they were all dead.

An alien planet

Experts attributed the deaths to a certain fatal dose of radiation present on Serpo.

The planet turned out to have totally different environmental conditions from those of Earth, especially in terms of the atmosphere.

Serpo has 2 suns, which is the main cause of death; radiation exposure is too high for humans.

Another anonymous Project Serpo source revealed that through this contact, Russians and Americans managed to colonize Mars in early 1964.

This theory remains one of the most important in ufology in general, and hundreds of experts continue to study it. Trying to find hard evidence that reveals the veracity of this contact, not just with extraterrestrials, but with a full civilization on their planet.

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