NASA scientists have found a way to send a mission to ‘the extraterrestrial Oumuamua’

American and British scientists from the research organization Initiative for Interstellar Studies created the Project Lyra program to study the asteroid ‘Oumuamua in detail.

According to their version, the probe, which will be launched in 2028, will catch up with the target in 26 years.

The device will be able to take pictures, with the help of which it will be possible to understand whether it is an alien ship or just a wandering space rock.

In 2017, an object called Oumuamua passed through the solar system. It flew so far and so fast that astronomers couldn’t study it, and for five years now they’ve been scratching their heads – is it an alien craft or an asteroid.

An incomprehensible guest, moving at a speed of 100,000 kilometers per hour, rushed towards the Sun and was noticed by astronomers from the University of Hawaii.

Astronomers from different countries have calculated its trajectory. It is hyperbolic, suggesting that the mysterious object is moving from another location. The translation from Hawaiian Oumuamua literally means “the messenger who came first from afar”.

The shape of the object did not resemble an asteroid and its behavior was strange. It was not flying in a ballistic trajectory, but accelerating at times, as if someone was turning its motor on and off.

Scientists remembered the science fiction novel Rendezvous with Rama, written by Arthur C. Clarke. It described an object that had also appeared in the solar system and had been spotted by the Space Patrol. This time something similar happened in reality.

They also believe that ‘Oumuamua reflects too much light, which means it is not made of stone and dust-free like an asteroid. Karen Meech, a researcher at the Hawaiian Institute of Astronomy, said the object had a complex metallic shape, characteristic of interplanetary spacecraft.

Astronautics professor Avi Loeb insisted that ‘Oumuamua was either an unmanned craft or a damaged reconnaissance probe.

Now ‘Oumuamua flies to Pluto, and earth vehicles can reach it, the main thing is to choose the right moment and the estimated speed of 133,200 kilometers per hour.

The launch is scheduled for 2028 and in 26 years the probe will see Oumuamua, take pictures and send them to Earth. The mystery will be revealed in 2056 if NASA supports the scientists’ program.

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