Gordon Cooper: The Astronaut Who Saw Hundreds of UFOs

For decades, several astronauts have made statements that NASA has chosen to ignore. This is the case of Gordon Cooper, who claimed to have seen hundreds of UFOs.

Leroy Gordon Cooper was an Air Force pilot and served in World War II, rising to the rank of Colonel. In 1959, he became an astronaut and participated in the first American program of manned spacecraft.

He flew in the Mercury, Mercury Altas 9 and Gemini 5 programs. He also participated in the alternate training of the Gemini 12 project and Apollo X. That is why few people question his word, when he claims to have seen hundreds of UFOs.

Gordon Cooper and his shocking statements

The astronaut died at the age of 77 in 2004. He had the privilege of being one of NASA’s first astronauts.
Although considered a “glory” of astronomy, Gordon Cooper was one of the most outspoken men on the subject of UFOs. He even publicly acknowledged several encounters.

The first sighting took place in 1951, at Neubiberg Air Base in Germany. He said a guard saw through his binoculars a group of objects flying over the base. This scenario occurred about a day and a half later, in an east-west direction.

The base sent hunters to better observe the phenomenon, stating that the large objects looked like double lenticular saucers.

Although they tried to intercept them, they couldn’t get close enough as they were much faster than the fighters. They also flew at high altitudes and performed impossible maneuvers. They were capable of reaching supersonic speeds at all times.

“I don’t believe it could have been Soviet or American technology at all. I am now convinced that they were of extraterrestrial origin. We later discovered that the Soviets were not able to produce a device with such flight characteristics.

Moreover, since it was fifty years ago, if it was a secret weapon of our military, we would have already known about it.

The second observation

The second sighting took place 6 years later, at Edwards Air Force Base, California. Gordon Cooper photographed a UFO that landed on the base.

At the time, the astronaut was a project manager for a series of aerial test programs at Edwards’ Mojave Dry Lake.

US Air Force photographers captured the landings with video cameras for analysis. One day a group came to his office, saying that a flying saucer had just passed over him. He had removed 3 legs and had landed in the dry lake, about 50 meters away.

When the photographers approached the craft, it took off and then accelerated in the blink of an eye.

Gordon Cooper immediately developed the film to formally examine the incident. But every person he called, he directed to higher positions. And so on until he gets to the colonel.

The colonel asked him to put the negatives in a mail bag and send them to the Pentagon. He also ordered her not to make copies. He never saw them again.
On November 9, 1978, the astronaut sent a letter to the United Nations ambassador, concerned about the incident.

The letter to the United Nations

“Dear Ambassador, I would like to share with you my views on extraterrestrial visitors, commonly referred to as “UFOs”. I believe these vehicles and crew are visiting our planet from other worlds with more advanced technology than ours.

We must have a coordinated, world-class program to scientifically collect and analyze data from across the Earth on such encounters and determine the best method of communicating with these visitors.

We may first have to demonstrate to them that we have learned to solve our problems through peaceful means before we are accepted as qualified members of the universal team. Such acceptance would mean enormous possibilities for progress in all areas.

I’m no ufologist and haven’t had the privilege of piloting one yet, but I’m qualified to talk about it, since I’ve reached the periphery of the vastness they traverse.

In 1951, I had the opportunity to observe during two days many flights of these objects, of different sizes, in formation of hunters, from the east to the west of Europe. And they were at a higher altitude than our planes could reach at the time.

I know some astronauts are reluctant to bring this up because of the large number of people who have sold fabricated stories or misused their names by falsifying documents, but just as many of us believe in UFOs because we have had the opportunity to see them on the ground or in flight.

If the United Nations agrees to continue this project and give it credibility through their support, perhaps many other well-qualified people will come forward and provide assistance and information.

It is not known if Gordon Cooper received a response, but this testimony is among the most revealing ever given by an astronaut.

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