‘Extraterrestrial Races Have Contacted Earth,’ Says KGB Book

A mysterious KGB book emerged when the children of a dead Ukrainian officer found it among his belongings. This text revealed the extraterrestrial races that contacted Earth.

Some of the alien races described in the book.

This controversial book was first published in Russia, at a time when the Soviet Union was conducting controversial experiments. And where he may have had contact with extraterrestrial races.

The KGB Book

So far, his information has been highly disputed because its veracity has not been verified.

For some experts, the data provided in this text is related to the statements of Dmitry Medvedev.

The book describes in detail more than 50 extraterrestrial races that have visited and still visit Earth.

Their customs, their home planets, the models of UFOs and craft they used. Even the protocol to follow in the event of an encounter with a hostile race.

The latter is mentioned because it also describes that there are extraterrestrial races unrelated to humans.

The book was first published in 1946, as a sort of manual for secret agents. This allowed them to learn about the different extraterrestrial races that were visiting Earth at that time.

It is said that it was the counterintelligence service SMERSH , developed by the Red Army and founded on April 14, 1946, that made the book.

A small version of the book describing the best extraterrestrial SMERSH was delivered on January 13, 1947.

Many KGB archives remain hidden to this day.

This edition of the KGB also explains in detail all the extraterrestrial species and races that have collaborated in the progress and development of human life on Earth.

Extraterrestrial races and their contact with Earth

Mention is made of the extraterrestrial races that have kept the Earth under observation for centuries. As well as the interaction they had with some of the governments of the world.
The book also provides information about secret meetings with different governments.

It is said that apart from the information it provides, it is a kind of manual, which teaches how to communicate with the different species.

An example of the races mentioned in the book are the “Algruulk”, known throughout the universe as creators and builders. They live for about 230 years and have been visiting Earth for 300 years, directly contacting people. Others are the “RAK”, this species has been visiting the Earth since 750 BC.

Many UFO researchers claim that this incredible secret document details the diversity of spacecraft used by these races to travel the universe. Including other gruesome details about them.

Unsurprisingly, many people question everything mentioned in the book. However, later statements by former Russian government officials imply that the Soviet Union had this knowledge.

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