A luminous oval UFO flew over Dallas, Texas on March 7, 2022 (video)

Date of sighting: March 7, 2022
Location of sighting: Dallas, Texas, USA
Source: Twitter @ChikDigsLngBall

This is a short and fast sequence, but… it’s a raw sequence and it’s better than the alternative, no sequence at all. I watched it over and over again, trying to see every detail of the craft that would stand out. However, I couldn’t find any wings, plane lights, drone lights, tails, or any other signs that this is a normal plane. It has an egg-like shape…an oval. Its speed is that of a jet… but too slow to be a meteor. A very impressive capture. And above Dallas, Texas… a UFO mecca.

Scott C. Waring – Taiwan

Eyewitness says: So last night my sister and I saw a UFO. Not much… It was really crazy. I couldn’t get my camera out in time and my sister was too stunned to be helpful. It started from the horizon in front of us on the other side of the sky before getting closer to where you see it here. Then he disappeared behind the clouds and never reappeared. It was actually bigger, brighter, faster, and was brighter than what you can see here.

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