Video: A strange luminous red pillar in the night sky intrigues the inhabitants of Houston

A spooky-looking column of red light appeared in the Houston night sky earlier this week and caused a stir before the source of the strange glow was apparently identified. The strange incident happenedWednesday around 8:30 p.m., when several people living in the eastern part of town noticed something unusual on the horizon. Local TV stations were quickly inundated with calls about the eerie scene, with one saying it was “overwhelmed with videos and photos” of this strange column of red light. As you would expect in our time, social media was overflowing with all sorts of theories as to what could be behind this oddity, but luckily it didn’t take long for the mystery to be solved.

Often the proverbial first line of defense when dealing with potential UFO events, the region Source of illumination was likely a flare that occurred at a Houston refinery at the same time as the sighting of mass. The light appeared in clouds hovering over another part of the city because it was reflected off tiny ice crystals in the sky, making it look like an elongated pillar.

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