A ring-shaped UFO spotted over Delhi, India on March 23, 2022

Date of sighting: March 23, 2022
Location of sighting: India
Source: https://twitter.com/ABULHAS29483776/status/1504841533102899205

An eyewitness in India took this 45-second video of a crowd of people gazing skyward in amazement at a ring-shaped UFO hanging overhead. The object was a perfect circle and did not appear to be made of smoke. The craft is very high and as it was cloaked we could not see the body of the craft but due to the overcast weather and static electricity in the air this creates a ring around the UFO that the extraterrestrials had not foreseen. I’m sure the aliens were wondering how the people below them saw them? You see, even aliens make mistakes.

Scott C. Waring – Taiwan

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