Two Tic-Tac shaped UFOs spotted during a Space X launch on March 9, 2022

Date of sighting: March 9, 2022
Location of sighting: Playalinda Beach, Florida, USA

Hey guys, look at this. A friend on Twitter posted this incredible video of not one, but two ticking-shaped UFOs shooting behind SpaceX’s Falcon rocket just before launch on March 9. I zoomed in on the video and then slowed it down 8 times and you can really see that this object is long, cylindrical and metallic. There is also another object above him that matches his speed. Very strange, especially so close to a rocket launch site.

Why would aliens do such a dangerous thing? Easy, to record all data on the latest rocket technology is of utmost importance to them. This data can help extraterrestrials predict the exact year when humans will begin migrating from Earth to other planets and moons to live there. A new space species…this is when they can meet and greet us without needing permission from governments or presidents. Once humans leave Earth, aliens don’t need permission. It’s their own choice if they want to meet us there or not. It is only on Earth that their laws and ours require that they be first authorized by our highest governments before revealing themselves to the public.

Scott C. Waring – Taiwan

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