Video: Discovery of the first British crop circle of the year 2022

The 2022 crop circle season has officially kicked off in the UK, as the first formation of the year has been discovered by researchers. The pattern was reportedly discovered over the weekend in a field of rapeseed on a property known as Enmill Barn near the community of Winchester. The fairly rudimentary formation consists of four spheres orbiting around a larger circle that sits at the center of the composition. As is often the case with this puzzling phenomenon, one diligent drone operator has already secured footage (see above) of this wondrous sight which the Crop Circle Connector website has officially deemed the first formation of 2022.

Of course, who or what created this crop circle is a matter of conjecture, with some observers believing that the formation appears to have certain imperfections that suggest it was produced by people. However, others have chosen to focus on the drawing itself and claim that it is some kind of mystical message symbolizing the four iconic elements and was left by visitors who are not of this world. Putting aside the debate about the origins of this particular composition, one thing is certain: the design discovered this weekend is only the first of a series of fantastic formations that will appear over the next few months, on the occasion of the 2022 season of crop circles.

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