Survey finds vast majority of Americans oppose dinosaur resurrection

An illuminating new survey about the prospect of reviving extinct creatures has revealed that a large majority of Americans would rather dinosaurs remain relegated to the past. The poll, produced by YouGov , asked 1,000 people to give their opinion on what appears to be an increasingly possible scenario in which scientists would manage to bring extinct species back to life. Although the idea may be popular in fiction, a surprising 45% of respondents said they were against reviving extinct species, while only 33% were particularly enthusiastic about it. this concept. What is even more interesting is to know which creatures have been selected.

Among a range of extinct animals, the giant tortoise surprisingly came out on top, with 50% of those in favor of resuscitation giving the go-ahead for its disappearance. The shelled wonder is followed by the passenger pigeon and the white rhinoceros, which each receive 44% of the vote. The famous dodo, which recently made headlines due to the revival scenario envisioned in the survey, came out on top with 39% and the Caribbean monk seal follows closely behind with 38%. Unfortunately, those wondering about the fate of more exotic extinct animals must look a little further down the list.

The legendary Tasmanian tiger , a favorite animal of those hoping to see extinct creatures reborn, received just 30% support and another oft-cited candidate for extinction, the woolly mammoth , got just 27% of participants to the investigation. The saber-toothed tiger, meanwhile, ranked at the very bottom of the list with 20%. Dinosaurs complete the ranking, with the triceratops, pterodactyl and Tyrannosaurus Rex, which obtain 12, 11 and 10% respectively. One wonders if the Jurassic Park movie series didn’t serve as a warning to convince people that bringing back the dinosaurs probably isn’t the best idea.

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