A Mexican scientist discovered a huge alien skull and mummy

Ancient cultures researcher Pablo Enrique Garcia Sanchez of Mexico announced the discovery of an alien mummy, as well as a distinct alien skull, by publicly presenting his other finds the day after and posting a photo on his Facebook profile.

Sanchez says he found these remains, along with ancient artifacts, in a mine near Taxco, in the state of Guerrero, and believes they belong to an unknown culture that inhabited Mexico in ancient times.

The strange mummy, which looks like some sort of humanoid creature with a long body and bent legs, Sanchez called her “Citlaltemini” (“Brother of the Stars”).

This mummy is said to have four fingers and four toes, and a skull so oddly shaped that it is difficult to describe it globally.

But other questions are raised by the discovery of another skull, which looks more like the remains of a monster straight out of a sci-fi movie.

The skull has sharp teeth, its edges are covered with a kind of geometric patterns engraved in the bone, and its upper part is very elongated.

The photos and news reports sparked intense interest from netizens, many of whom called the mummy and skull “gross fakes.”

In particular, they wrote that the skull of the “alien” was created from the skull of a pig.

At the same time, Pablo Enrique Garcia Sanchez is considered a serious scientist. He did graduate studies at the National Autonomous University of Mexico and at the Universities of the States of Guerrero and Morelos, and also received the Micro d’or award from the Chamber of Deputies of Mexico City.

In addition to the mummy and the skull, Sanchez also showed items found in the same cave. They are covered in intricate patterns and some of them look like alien heads with dark almond-shaped eyes.

Many Mexican newspapers talk about the mummy, the skull and the strange artifacts of Sanchez, but it is still unknown what other scientists think about it.

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