1994 – National Weather Service UFO recordings: “My God, what is that? »

On March 8, 1994, civilians in western Michigan, bordering Lake Michigan, called 911 en masse about strange lights in the sky, described as mostly cylindrical, moving up and down aloft, and carrying a vertical row of lights.

They appeared to be coordinated, as one of the calls described them as moving in a circle.

This was confirmed by a National Weather Service radar operator in Muskegon, Michigan, who was contacted by the 911 dispatcher and asked to look into the matter.

In the recordings of this episode, which are in the public domain, you can hear the NWS official notice the abnormal and possibly coordinated behavior of the objects, which he says were moving together in a triangle.

He claims it wasn’t about thunderstorms or planes, and as time goes by he becomes more and more distressed, as the superimposed caption points out.

Interestingly, Project Blue Book identified several interesting cases in this area of ​​Michigan, including several that civilians described as “metallic” but USAF officials judged to be astronomical in nature. or that the data were insufficient to analyze them.

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